How to Prepare Your Child for School

If you have a child who still has not grown enough to attend school,

then there are many ways you can familiarize him/her with the idea and not make it an unknown experience for him/her when the time actually comes:

One of the best ways to get your child know of the concept of school is by walking past it and telling him about it. Whenever you drive past the school, just point it out to your child so that he/she knows about the place. If you get an opportunity to, take your child to the school with an older child to make him/her familiar of the surroundings.

You can also start making your child familiar with the idea of competition and trying to inculcate the thought of being the best in whatever he/she does. It is vital that the child has the right social skills that help him/her in making friends at school whenever he/she attends it and also should be able to work in groups.

You can always tell him/her about the friends and cousins who have started school and make the account interesting so that your child remains curious and interested in attending school; let him/her feel the excitement of learning new things with so many other of his/her age.

Get books for nursery and preschool and read them to your child so that he/she has an understanding of them. This will inculcate the habit of reading and will also ensure that the interest in attending school remains.

Introduce your child to drawing, painting and art and crafts. All these activities will not only help your child learn better and faster but will also automatically give him/her the edge and a head start in learning. He/ she will not find himself/herself out of the league in school or in any unfamiliar territory.

You can also create a schedule at home for various activities that will help your child learn about discipline and also get used to it. Help him/her learn to tie their shoes and make their own decisions on whether to go to a theme park or the shopping mall. Encourage them to think independently and logically.