How To Prepare Hairs Before Virgin Texturizer Application

How To Prepare Hairs Before Virgin Texturizer Application

How To Prepare Hairs Before Virgin Texturizer Application Hair texturizer is used for making thick hairs more manageable. Since hair texturizers contain different types of chemicals, it is very necessary that hairs must be in their healthiest state so that they can withstand the effect of chemicals; especially when texturizer is to be applied for the first time.

In other words, hairs must be prepared before virgin texturizer application. Another aspect regarding texturizer application that should be understood is that since structure of hairs also changes after application, these may become weakened. Thus, if texturizer is applied on already weakened hairs, thinning can result.

How To Prepare Hairs Before Virgin Texturizer Application

There are some steps that can be taken for making hairs healthy before virgin texturizer application so that they are not damaged severely because of the chemicals contained in the texturizer. First of all, a deep conditioner should be applied to hairs for many days regularly before application of texturizer.

Deep conditioners not only restore the moisture of hair shaft but also make it more manageable. As hairs become manageable, need of applying styling products on hairs before application of virgin texturizer is greatly reduced. It is generally recommended that before virgin texturizer application, hairstyles that make hairs tight and stretched should not be made.

For example, ponytail is one such hair style. Tight hairstyles damages hair considerably and may also lead to breaking of hairs. Thus, hairs must be let loose. If needed, hairs can be trimmed so that they become more manageable. Wavy shoulder length style is considered as one of best styles for texturizer application.

Many hair experts believe that for preparing hairs for application of texturizers, it is very important that use of heated styling tools is also reduced considerably. For example, many people use blow dryers, flat irons and similar other styling tools for making them manageable. However, these heating tools also damages hairs and they are not able to withstand harmful chemicals.


Usually, no heated styling tools should be used two months before the texturizer application. This time period is enough for the hairs to recover and they become healthy. Since they return to natural state, they may be bit difficult to manage but strength gained by them is more desirable. Regular cleaning makes hairs strong and healthy.

Thus, hairs and scalp should be kept cleaned through regular washing of hairs with mild shampoos. Regular cleaning also helps in staving off scratching. If hair texturizer is applied to an itchy scalp, it may lead to irritation, which may cause great discomfort. So, scratching of scalp should be avoided for three to four days before application of texturizer.

For making hairs healthy, sunflower oil may also be applied. Even some people apply this oil just before applying virgin texturizer. Sunflower oil is very helpful in locking natural moisture of hairs, which is often lost due to application of chemicals. For avoiding burning of skin due to chemicals, forehead, neck and area around ears can be lined with Vaseline. This prevents action of chemicals contained in the hair texturizer on skin. After texturizer application is over, olive oil may be applied to hairs for compensating the moisture that has been lost in the process.