How To Prepare Feet For Summer For Having Great Looks

Summer is the time when people like to wear sandals and other types of open footwear. All sorts of winter restrictions with respect to footwear are left aside in summer.

However, for really looking beautiful, it is necessary that a person has beautiful feet. If toenail are extra-long or if skin of feet has turned flaky, wearing sandals can become a nightmare.

Similarly, funky toes keep other people at distance. Thus, feet should be prepared for summer so that they look clean and beautiful. If a person visits beauty salon for preparing feet for summer, it must be ensured that all the equipments have been sterilized properly so that no bacterial or fungal infection occurs to feet.

How To Prepare Feet For Summer For Having Great Looks

There are certain steps which help in preparing feet for summer perfectly. First of all, like other body parts, feet should be washed with soap or cleaning lotion. This helps in removing all the dirt from the feet. It is better if feet are buffed with pumice stone or other such substance while washing.

This helps in removing dead layer of skin, which often provides ugly looks to feet. While buffing feet, pads of toes and calloused heels must be included. In some cases, callous shaver may also be used.

If a person is using it for the first time, great care should be observed so that no deep cuts are resulted.Using pumice stone repeatedly also helps in removing hard and dead layer of skin on feet.

Afterwards, a cuticle softener is applied. Cuticles must be rubbed gently with softener for few seconds and then, they are pushed back. If hairs on the toes have grown large, these can be shaved with a razor for having clean look. Feet are then rinsed with water and dried with a towel.

Many people have rough skin on feet. Roughness of skin destroys the looks of feet greatly and thus, it must be treated before wearing sandals. Heavy lotion like body butter or hand cream should be dabbed in large quantities on feet for treatment. Rough areas of feet should be dabbed with excessive quantities of heavy lotion.

Afterwards, feet are placed in plastic bags and tight socks are worn over them. Heavy lotion is left on feet overnight. In morning, plastic bag is removed and remaining lotion is rubbed. Feet are then patted with washcloth. As a result of this application, feet become smooth and soft.

For trimming long toe nails, a toenail clipper having straight edge should be used. It must be ensured that toenail has been cut straight across. Fingernail clipper and manicure scissors should not be used for trimming toenails as these may lead to in-grown toenails.

Nail edges should be smoothed with an emery board. Nails should be filed gently in one direction. Care should be taken that surface of nail is not scraped.

While preparing feet for summer, some precautions should also be taken. For example, emery board or other nail files should not be shared with some other person.

No sharp tools should be used for washing under nails. After washing, no moisture should be left between the toes, as it may lead to yeast infection or athlete’s feet.

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