How To Prep 3D Makeup Putty

Many makeup artists use 3D or three dimensional makeups for adding or altering features of stage artists and actors. This is done by using 3D makeup putty. By using this putty, many features of face can be altered. For example, warts can be added to face using this putty.

Similarly, face of a person can be changed so that it resembles face of a particular creature. For preparing 3D putty, there is a set preparation process. Putty prepared must be malleable so that perfect features can be obtained.

For perfect application of 3D makeup putty, it is necessary that certain precautions are taken. First of all, before applying 3D putty, a special type of concealer is required to be applied on face. This concealer ensures proper attachment of putty makeup to the skin. Similarly, hands must be washed properly before applying 3D putty to skin so that no bacterial infections are reported later on. For perfect looks, natural skin tone and shade of putty must match. This is ensured by painting putty makeup.

How to Prep 3D Makeup Putty

For applying 3D putty, makeup artists normally use spatula. Spatula is a small and hard plastic stick that has a rounded end. Its strength is sufficient for withstanding hard texture of putty. It also ensures proper mixing of putty. Similarly, its size is small enough to apply makeup products perfectly. It can be used for mixing other substances also. Application area of spatula can easily be washed with water or disinfectants. Many makeup artists recommend that spatula must be kept free from bacteria and other microorganisms, otherwise, it may case allergy.

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For preparing 3D putty, small amount of putty is taken out of box by means of spatula. Since this type of makeup product is hard as well as dense, it must be worked out properly so that it becomes soft. This is done by mashing putty with one side of spatula against finger. The other side of spatula must be easily accessible so that it can be worked upon for applying makeup. It must be ensured that exposed side of spatula is kept against the finger. Similarly, it must be ensured that underside of putty lies against the spatula. This helps in preventing spreading of oils from the skin to putty. It is to be understood that if any oil from fingers seeps into putty due to any reason, it would definitely contaminate the putty. As a result, it would not get adhered to the skin of actor or artist perfectly.

Afterwards, putty is kneaded with the help of spatula. Kneading is done until putty becomes soft enough to be used for making the desirable feature. If putty is hard, it cannot be used for making perfect feature. For applying, putty should be pressed and flattened. This is done using spatula. Outside of this 3D putty piece is molded with the help of thumb and forefingers that were being used for holding the putty. For smoothing the inner side of putty piece prepared, spatula is again used. This side should be perfectly smoothed as it is attached to the face. As soon as 3D piece is prepared, it is applied to the moisturized and clean skin. Afterwards, by using some makeup products, finishing touch to the piece is given.