How To Play Up Your Frizzy Hair

frizzy-hair “What hair problem does suffer you most?” – If this question is put before us at least 90% of us would answer that it is the frizzy, dry, hard and easy broken hair. Where as the normal hair follicle looks straight under a microscope, the curly hair has definite curve on it and the cuticles are like the shingles on the roof.

The tightness of the cuticle layers ensure the smoothness of the hair and the damages on the hair lifts the cuticle and it tends to break. For the curly hair the cuticle is permanently lifted. So it becomes frizzy, dry and easy broken.

Well the solution can be found with the moisture treatment. The power of the moisture absorption of the hair depends on the small holes [porous] in it. Poor porosity hampers absorb the moisture absorption in the hair.

Frizzy and dry hair mainly lacks moisture. There are certain myths regarding the dryness of the hair. According to those myths deficiency of natural oils causes dryness and 100 times brushing the hair daily or hot oil massage can solve the problem. But actually these remedies can only work if you never ever tried chemicals in you hair.

Then what to do with chemically treated hair? Optimum 8% of moisture level and the balance of natural oil and protein are very essential. We produce enough sebum as natural oil but what we lack is the moisture. After chemical treatments the moisture level decreased even at 2%. Blow drying and styling equipments like curl or straight irons can do the same harm.

You have to use enough amount of TLC with the moisture based shampoos and intense conditioner to ensure the optimum 8% of moisture level. People with naturally curly, chemical treated hair need to put an extra effort. Try to ignore the high alcohol based hair products. That who are exposed to the sun regularly and frequently make sure that you care range is sunscreen based. And most importantly do not forget that the magic of the problem free hair lies in moisture.