How To Plan Your Diet For Getting Stronger Bones

Diet For Getting Stronger Bones

Osteoporosis, the disease always existed but we never knew how to cope with it. Today there is an ongoing research that helps us in getting stronger bones. It is advisable that you take diet that is essentially low-acid and that is all about eating fruits and vegetables.

We have known a great diet for bone health would be dairy products and meat. The theory of a low acid diet is thus based on fruits and vegetables. That’s perhaps the reason why women in the Asian countries have lesser number of hip fractures than the women in the western countries whose staple diet is meat and cheese.

When we consume too much of animal protein, there is also too much acid in the blood stream which ultimately reduces the pH balance of the blood. The acid load in the body has to be balanced with calcium which helps neutralize the balance and that calcium content has to be stolen from the blood. According to a nutritionist in the North Carolina university, it is plant based diet that does oodles of goodness in saving a person from the attacks of Osteporosis the most dreaded disease of bones thinning out.

She prescribes the eating of more alkaline vegetables like legumes, and also eating less animal protein that forms acids in the blood. The pastas, breads and grains also tend to cause acid in the blood and the urine but it causes less harm than the animal protein. It’s true that the fruit and vegetable diet intake helps in the maintenance of bone density the benefit that comes from the effect of the alkaline diet is still to be found out. The alkali acid balance in the body is something that cannot be influenced by diet as there is a strong mechanism in the body that directs that.

Diets that are higher in vegetables and fruits and also diets that are higher in magnesium and potassium are also good for bone health. In a research where people took high acid diet and also some who took low acid diet, there were no changes with the bones. Of course a diet rich in more fruits and vegetables was the healthier way to live. People consuming more vegetables and fruits were more active and healthy.

Asians are also consumers of more soy foods than the westerners. The soy foods also boost more bone density but there is also a difference in how the food is prepared. In Japan the soy food has a larger impact on the bones and help bone density better. That’s because the Japanese people have a kind of gut bacteria because of the food intake and this helps the metabolism of soy all the better.

So the nutritionists are of opinion it is a balanced diet of soy food, fruits and vegetables as well as calcium rich food that helps in getting stronger bones. Yoghurt and milk form less acid than concentrated protein and a cup of fruit is all you would need to neutralize the acid formed by the yoghurt. Less salt is always better as people who take more of it lose a lot of calcium along with their urine. Almonds, raisins, figs, kale and spinach are all rich in calcium and help in the fortification of bones.