How to Pick Clothes for Work When You Are in a Hurry

We have all had days when we’ve woken up late or one of the kids in not well and hence we are late. Well, lets be honest; there are a million reasons for a woman to be late to get ready for work.

But that does not mean that she should not dress well and look her best. Every individual multi tasks in the morning in order to complete the morning chores and start the day and often this leads to a person getting late for work. Ideally the best way to avoid a struggle with your clothes is to lay them out before you go to bed at night; this will save you a few minutes in the morning so that you can sit down to a good breakfast.

Planning ahead is the only solution to reducing the hassle of picking out your work wear in the morning. Alternatively you could also keep your sets of clothes ready over the week end so you have the liberty of ironing and keeping them ready to wear.

Your work wardrobe needs to include basics like trousers, skirts and jackets in neutral colors. This means that you are can match just about any blouses or shirts with these basics.

Organize your closet so that you can locate your formal wear with ease. The best way to do this is to separate your casual clothes from the formals. Keep your shirts, trousers, skirts and jackets in the middle section of your closet or the forefront of your wardrobe.

This makes it easy for you to locate what you need. You could also make sets of your clothes and wear them accordingly. This means that you can match your trousers with shirts or blouses and jackets and keep them ready to wear.

As a season ends place the unwanted clothes in the back of the closet and get the in-season clothes to the forefront so that you are not rummaging through all your clothes everyday.

I have a list of all the clothes that I own pasted to a door on my cupboard. This saves me the trouble of wondering what to wear and how to put an outfit together. You could also take out photographs of every piece of clothing that you own and keep it in a place where you can sort out what you need to wear.