How To Pack A Diaper Bag

How To Pack A Diaper Bag

As a new mom there are a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders which includes caring for your baby and looking after his or her daily needs.It is thus inevitable that you forget certain things especially when stepping out of the house.

Packing a full diaper bag will help you not only get all the baby essentials when you step out of the house but will also help in making the things handy and easy to get.

So each time you have to step out of the house,you do not have to ponder about the things that you need to keep.With this simple checklist you will be able to carry most of the baby’s required things and be prepared for any misadventure as well.

Choosing The Diaper Bag

The first step is to choose an appropriate diaper bag for the baby.While some mothers choose simple bags that are stylish and sleek, others opt for cute baby bags with pictures of cartoons,teddy bears and other baby stuff. Choose the bag carefully and ensure that it has enough room to house not only the baby essentials but also some of the things that you will need as well.

There are a number of diaper bag variants available in the market. Ideally a diaper bag should have easily accessible pockets and special compartments for diapers. For storing food, a diaper bag should have a thermally lined compartment. The choice of diaper bag size depends on how long your outing will be, in which case you will need to store more items.

Diaper Bag Essentials: A Checklist


A diaper bag should contain at least two diapers for every hour that you are out along with some wipes and a changing pad as well.If your child has diarrhea then carry extra diapers with you. There are travel sized boxes of wipes that you can carry.

This will not only help you during every diaper change but will also allow you to clean your hands and other items as well. Along with this you should also carry a tube of baby rash cream, some extra clothing, in case of an emergency and some disposable bags to throw away the soiled diapers.

Extra Clothing

Along with extra clothes for emergency, it is a good idea to carry a small blanket along with a pair of extra socks for the baby. If the weather is hot then carry a wide brimmed hat for the baby. Bibs are indispensable as children tend to spit and throw up food while eating. So if you plan to feed the baby then carry two to three bibs.

Food For Baby

Apart from breastfeeding babies, all other babies will require some amount of food while traveling. If your baby is on formula milk, then carry separate small containers of formula food along with a bottle of boiled water with you while traveling.

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If your baby is on solid then you can buy small jars of solid mashed foods which you can throw out after having it. Along with this you will need bottles, spoons and bowls, some extra towels, hand and mouth tissues and even some snacks for you.

Health and Safety Essentials

It is advisable to keep emergency items in stock including a pain reliever, band aids and antibiotics. If your baby is going to be out in the sun for a long time, then use a sunblock. Hand sanitizers will help you keep your hands clean when there is no wash basin in sight.

Apart from these essential items you can also pack some of your baby’s favorite toys to keep him or her entertained, two extra pacifiers and an extra pair of clothing for both you and your partner in case of an emergency.

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