How to Not Commit Fashion Mistakes

Fashion faux pas is a ditch that you can successfully avoid. While sometimes it is hard to not go for that dress which looked so nice on your friend, you must be careful while considering trying it on yourself.

What suits someone else may not suit you and being blind towards the suitability of clothes is possibly the biggest fashion mistake you can ever make.

Knowing what flatters your curves is integral to looking great and we will do a quick review on what factors should never be forgotten while you choose your clothes and a few other associative governing rules of fashion.

Color of clothes plays a very important part. There are colors which make you look slimmer and more attractive and similarly there are colors which can have quite the opposite effect. Always go for those shades in clothes which go well with your skin tone, enhance your looks and not flatten them. Good choice in colors can make you look wonderfully fresh.

Some people believe that proper fitting makes or kills a dress and it is probably right. Too tight clothes or too loose clothes can totally have an underwhelming effect and ruin the entire look. Clothes that you wear must compliment your body.

A good hair cut can steal the thunder effortlessly. Style your hair and know which suits your face type the best. Consult your hairstylist in this matter; it is always better to be safe than sorry!

Wear appropriate lingerie. Often, ill fitting lingerie can make your clothes in turn look bad on you. Stay clear away from lingerie that are in wrong sizes and make you feel uncomfortable.

Too much make up can be a turn off. Use make up just to highlight your best features and do not overdo.

Choose a correct pair of shoes to go with what you are wearing.

Each occasion has its unspoken dress code and you must understand it. Wearing right clothes at the right place is very important to not stand out in an awkward way.

Make heads turn everywhere you go with these simple ground rules, which will deftly let you skip any fashion pitfall.