How To Minimize Pores With Photo Facials

Minimize Pores With Photo Facials

Minimize Pores With Photo Facials Pores on the face are a usual occurrence which may happen due to age, pimples and many other factors. Various therapies and methods are employed by many to minimize the pores which make us look older. Pores, wrinkles, patches and blemishes appear on the skin of young people as well.

Aging always isn’t responsible for the facial skin to lack its smoothness and glow. Photo facial is an effective method through which many satisfied individuals have got rid of skin wrinkles by smoothening them and also by minimizing pores. It is an absolutely safe and scientific way to get rid of various skin problems.

What Is A Photo Facial?

Photo facial is a scientific procedure where a strong ray of light within specific range is sent to the skin for curing a number of skin conditions effectively. The action of the light on the skin melanin and blood vessels can bring a positive change to the look and feel of the skin. The light therapy is done with the objective of improving skin conditions by improving collagen levels and removing brown spots, minimizing pores and repairing broken capillaries.

Boosting the collagen helps in tightening the skin thereby reducing pores considerably. Apart from those skin conditions mentioned above photo facial can effectively deal with skin problems such as sun and smoke damage, enlarged pores, liver spots, redness, uneven pigmentation and so on.

Minimize Pores With Photo Facials

It is essential for you to know and understand that photo facials are of two types based on the type of technology used. One is that of Light Emitting Diode or LED and the other is the Intense Pulse Light or IPL. These are two completely different types of photo facials and therefore it is mandatory for you to understand which one will be suitable for your skin condition.

LED photo facial is soothing and painless and is given in day spas. You can do this type of photo facial with the objective of getting younger looking skin, combating acne and boosting collagen. IPL photo facials on the other hand are done by sending high energy driven light rays that are effective in treating redness, brown spots, broken capillaries and spider veins.

Considerations For Photo Facial

You must understand that photo facial works best along with a proper regular skin care regime. Before considering a photo facial to minimize pores you should try to manage them with regular exfoliation, toners and proper skin care. Only if you have very large pores you may consider going for a photo facial. The area around the eyes shouldn’t be exposed to the rays of photo facial lights as the skin is too delicate here and the light can be strong enough to harm the tissues.

Effects of photo facial may take few months to surface and therefore you have to be patient. Minimum three to four IPL photo facial sessions may be required for you to get good results for your skin and to minimize the pores. The time gap in between the sessions must be at least three to four weeks.