How To Massage Your Baby

How To Massage Your Baby

How To Massage Your Baby Touch is the first sense that the child starts experiencing even while inside the mother’s womb. So, massaging the child is a way to develop a strong bond with her.

It’s a great opportunity for the mother to relate to her. But yes it is obvious, that you might feel a little hesitant if this is your first experience, so read the following tips that will make you feel confident before massaging your infant:

What are the Benefits of Massage?

Mother’s loving touch is the first learning lesson for the child that helps her to interact with the new world. Besides imparting security, confidence and love, this technique is medically very beneficial for both the child as well as the mother. Regular massaging ensures proper blood circulation, thus aiding in perfect functioning of the infant’s heart, digestive and respiratory system.

On the other hand the mother’s mammary glands get stimulated to produce more milk for her child. The results of many researches also state that it strengthens the defence mechanism of the baby and reduces the release of stress hormones thus making him/her more apt to adjust to stressful experiences in life, in the years to come. Lastly, not to forget massage also induces good sleep and nourishes the skin besides strengthening the muscles of the baby.

What is Needed for Massage?

The most important requirement for massage is that, the mother needs to be relaxed herself, only then can she shower love on her child. Second basic ingredient is the oil. According to Ayurveda, sesame oil is the best option. You need to purify it beforehand, by boiling it and then cooling it.

To make the oil pleasant smelling, which further relaxes the child add 10 drops of geranium oil, 1 drop of orange oil, another 10 drops of lavender oil and 10 drops of wheat germ oil to 50 ml of the basic sesame oil. Now the oil is ready to be massaged.

How to Perform Baby Massage?

Before starting the massage, it is always advisable to check whether the oil suits the child by a small patch test on the wrist. The allergical reactions may not show immediately, so wait for about 12 hour to observe the response of the body. If no rash appears after stipulated time, then you can use this oil without getting perturbed.

If possible, massage your baby at night and bathe her the next morning. It has also been observed that the baby loves to listen to any melodious song sung repeatedly every time during the massage session. Company of father also at this hour is like a sugar on the candy for the child. Now how you place your child during massage depends totally on her comfort level. Massage the whole body starting initially with gentle hands and  then slowly increasing the pressure.

Hands and Feet Massage

While massaging the feet, gently stretch the toes and make sure you  rub the sole area in a circular motion.

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According to reflexology, all the physical and mental ailments of the body can be resolved by applying pressure on the pressure points lying here. Same technique has to be followed while massaging hands.

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Abdomen Area Massage

While massaging the abdomen area, prefer moving your hands in clockwise direction around the naval point. Massaging this area with ILU (I Love U) stroke proves very beneficial in releiving the child from colic problem.

Tips  For Massaging Your Baby

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Massage the lower right side of the abdomen with both your thumbs in the upward direction, now redirect the massage towards large intestine subsequently following the path towards the anus. If the child has been cranky due to accumulated gas, then after this stroke you’ll find the child again getting calm and happy.

Head Massage

Tapping your child’s head lightly above the palate area stimulates the sleep centre of the brain. Recognition of this area is quite easy as it is comparatively softer and just behind the forehead.

Now you can go ahead confident, for your languorous massage session with your bundle of joy, as she is in expert hands.

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