How To Makeup And Look Like Kristin Cavallari

How To Makeup And Look Like Kristin Cavallari

How To Makeup And Look Like Kristin Cavallari Kristin Cavallari is one of famous celebrities in the world. She started her career as a co-star in MTV. She also did ‘Laguna Beach’, one of most famous reality shows. Since this show, she has been a style icon for many girls and women and this is the reason why they want to look like Kristin Cavallari.

Her latest show is The Hills, in which she really looks stunning and gorgeous. Looks of Kristin can easily be copied by other women, as she has a beach-girl style. Her laid back attitude goes well with her style. For copying the enviable style of Kristin, some makeup and dressing tips have to be followed, which are quite easy.

How to Makeup and Look Like Kristin Cavallari

For looking like Kristin Cavallari, it is very essential that makeup and hair styles are given due consideration. Many types of eye shadows can be worn to look like Kristin. For example, Dove grey shadow is one of them. Black eye shadow should be avoided, as it is not worn by Kristin frequently. For getting looks like beach girl, light brown eye shadow can be used.

Steely blue and plum are two other colors that can be used for beautifying eyes. This celebrity also wears shimmering eye shadow very often. As far as eyeliner is concerned, it is usually chocolate brown. This eyeliner is usually smudged softly with Q-tip. Lipstick worn by this celebrity is generally dusty rose or baby pink. Both these shades are in vogue also now a day. Lipstick applied by this celebrity generally contains a hint of gloss and thus, can be applied at night or in day.

Mascara should also be worn on curly eyelashes For getting perfect looks like Kristin Cavallari, it is essential that a woman is careful about foundation. The color of foundation must match well with the skin. Though celebrities use airbrush for applying foundation and other makeup products, it may not be possible for all women to buy it.

For having perfect look, foundation can be applied with kabuki blush brush. This helps in imparting an airbrushed and luminous finish. For looking like Kristin, it is also necessary that matte finish is maintained all the day. This can be done by using an oil-blotting paper. This paper absorbs all the shine and does not disrupt the makeup.

Look Like Kristin Cavallari

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Hairs should be dyed with a golden color so as to get a blond hue. Three types of golden shades should be used while coloring the hairs. Warm golden color should be used for highlighting the hairs throughout the back part while buttery blond color should be used for coloring the top hairs. For framing the face, bold baby blond color should be used in highlights. For looking like Kristin, it is also necessary that hairs are heavily layered and bangs are created that go up to chin.

For creating waves in hairs, large barrel curling iron and hot rollers should be used. Looks like this celebrity depend heavily on hair color and style and thus, it is better if any popular salon is visited. As far as hair styles are concerned, during the day, hairs should be parted in the center. In evening, hairs should be curled with hot rollers. These hairs are usually gathered loosely in the back and pinned on slightly left side by this celebrity. Hair extensions are also worn by this celebrity very often.

As said, Kristin Cavallari has a laid-back style. Thus, tops worn should not be tight-fit. Her tops are like no-fuss shirts generally and are in cool colors. For example, pastel and light gray are two colors that are liked the most by this celebrity while wearing tops. Even a woman can wear a loose and low cut white shirt, as it is also worn regularly by Kristin. While choosing the size of shirt or top, care should be taken that they are bit large.

At the same time, they must also highlight the figure. For ensuring this, shirts made from clingy fabrics can be chosen. Even a white tank top can also be worn for imitating looks like Kristin. It can also be worn with an over shirt. Shirts with laces or ruffles are considered as the best for having looks like Kristin Cavallari.This celebrity is also known for wearing sheer tops.

Very often, she wears a black top over white bra for getting maximum attention and for looking sensuous. In the same way, sheer white top can be worn with a black bra. This also looks stunning and sexy. While using sheer tops, care must be taken that bras are visible under the shirt. Thus, only contrasting bras should be worn.

Denim skirts are mostly worn by Kristin for complementing her laid-back look. Denim skirts are easily available and can be worn with all types of tops and shirts. It is better if these have interesting neckline. While visiting beach, these look stunning. This celebrity also wears simple white skirt very often. White skirt complements the easy-going approach. For having flirty look, the length of skirt should be kept short.

Use of jewelry is very necessary for getting looks like Kristin Cavallari. This celebrity is mostly found wearing different types of jewelries. However, the size of jewelry should be small for going with the ‘breezy’ style. This jewelry is generally gold in color. Two jewelry items that are always worn by this celebrity are simple necklaces and thin bracelet. If earrings have to be worn, these must be smaller in size.

Kristin likes to carry handbags also. She loves to have a large and slouchy leather handbag in her hand. Black color is her favorite. She goes for handbags with designer looks generally. For looking more stunning and beautiful, Kristin normally wears pair of black shoes with large black handbag. Leather shoes are among the most favorite footwear of this celebrity.

The straps of handbag should be short and rather than hanging it over shoulders, it should be carried over arm. For looking like Kristin Cavallari, it is also necessary that a woman has a perfect figure. This does not mean that she has to be thin. The curves of body should be appreciable. For accomplishing this, she must exercise and eat healthy food.