How To Make Your Own Airbrush Makeup System

How To Make Your Own Airbrush Makeup System

How To Make Your Own Airbrush Makeup System Airbrush makeup is the makeup of choice among celebrities, especially during long hours of shooting for movies, television appearances, theatrical performances and the like. Its popularity also extends to weddings and other functions that last extended hours due to its longevity, ease of application and a more natural looking coverage.

You do not need to shell out big bucks at the salon to get airbrush makeup. You can make your own airbrush makeup system and have it handy for quick application any time.

How to Make Airbrush Makeup

The ingredients needed to make a gallon of airbrush makeup include 4 cups corn starch, 4 cups vinegar, 2 cups baking soda, ½ cup glycerin, food colors and 1 cup water. The first step is to combine the baking soda and vinegar. Then add glycerin and corn starch to this mixture. Whip it well to get a smooth texture and to eliminate any air pockets in the mixture. Next, add water in small quantities till you get the desired consistency.

If you want a thin layer of makeup, add more water; if you intend to use it for a heavier coat of makeup as in case of face masks, use less water and keep a thicker consistency. Take few drops of food dyes in different bowls to make different color makeup. Add the above mixture to each of these bowls. You can also add colored mica powder to the mixture to give it a glitter effect for use on eyes and lips. The makeup is now ready to be used in an airbrush gun.

How to Make Airbrush Makeup System

The first thing you need for your airbrush makeup system is an airbrush gun. There are many guns available in the market ranging from the low end ones to the more professional and expensive ones. The important thing to look for is the pressure that these air guns operate at.

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Choose the one with low pressure operation, around 10-30 PSI (pounds per square inch). This pressure is more suitable for makeup and fine detailing. Higher pressure (100 PSI) spray guns are used to spray painting automobiles as they provide a thicker coat of color. Purchase an air compressor with built-in pressure gauge to adjust the air pressure in PSI.

Use the hose that comes with the airbrush gun to attach it to the compressor. Connect the compressor to a power supply and turn it on. Press and hold the trigger of the airbrush gun. Now, adjust the compressor pressure between 8 and 12 PSI. Your airbrush makeup system is now ready to use. Spray it on for a coverage that is smooth and evenly distributed without heavy build-up of product on your skin.

It will give a sheer veil of makeup microdots that allows the original skin tone to reflect from underneath. It will also effectively cover any skin imperfections that you may have, including freckles, scars or unwanted tattoos. The only precautions that you need to take when using your airbrush makeup system is to avoid excessive inhaling of the makeup and to prevent it from getting into your eyes, ears and nose.