How to Make Your Nails Grow Faster?

Want your nails to grow faster after trimming? Here are some tips on how to have your nails grow fast so that you can show them off:There are many ways to help your nails grow much quickly than usual.

The nail-dynamics explain that greater the blood flow, greater and faster will the nails grow. This means that faster the skin repairs and gets healed and causes dead cells, faster the nails will grow.

To increase the blood flow in the fingers, involve yourself in activities that will require more of finger usage. Typing, playing piano and filing of nails are such activities that will help speed up the growth of nails. In winter months or in a cold climate, it is advised that one stays in a warm place and wear gloves to keep the hands warm. This increases circulation and hence allows nail growth.

There are nutrient nail polishes that are available in the market. There are available along with the product called the nail ‘tougheners’ which can be applied. Both of these products applied regularly on nails will not only help in making the nails strong but will also cause the growth of nails more quickly than normal.

Increase the protein consumption in your diet and include shakes that have a higher nutrient component, or have more milk. You can also include more lean meat in your diet. All these will boost the protein content in your body and help boost the growth of the nails consequently.

Also, if you frequently visit your beauty parlor or any professional grooming center to get manicures and pedicures done, that also will help boost nail growth as it will help boost the skin cell growth.

Always file your nails in one direction so that the tip of the nail does not have to bear opposing forces that will render it weak. Also, ensure that the nails have been soaked in water after which for at least 2 minutes. Do not get involved in games like volley ball and basket ball where the chances of nail damage are higher. Always keep them clean. They will last longer.

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