How To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

Many women complain that their makeup doesn’t last for a long time. The key to have long lasting make up lies in the use quality makeup and its effective application.

Proper application of makeup will ensure that you get through the day without any touch ups.

Here are some tips that you can follow to make your makeup last all day

The first step lies in cleansing your skin properly.This will help in removing all the accumulated dirt on the skin. Follow the cleansing process with a toning up of your skin.Use of facial toners will help in removing the excess surface oil in the skin, thus giving a refreshed look to your face.

Cleansing and toning of your skin will thus prevent the smudging and smearing of your makeup and will allow it to last for a longer time.

The next step is to moisturize your skin.The skin pores absorbs the moisturizer and this will help the makeup to remain on the outer surface of the skin without being absorbed.Thus the moisturizer will act as a base, upon which further makeup can be put on.

After moisturizing, apply a foundation which is designed for longer wear.Use a good quality water proof foundation which is resistant to smudging.Blend the foundation onto your face and neck using your finger tips or with the help of a clean sponge.

Apply a thin coat of powder on the top of your foundation.This powder will act as a setting powder and will thus keep the foundation in place.

You can then apply a bronzer to give your skin a sun kissed look.

You can also apply a primer to your skin before applying foundation.Application of primer will enable the makeup to stay on for long periods of time. Application of primers on the eyelids and lips will ensure that the eye and lip makeup does not smudge off easily.

You can also dab a touch of powder on to your lips before application of the lipstick.

You can apply eye makeup after the application of the primer.For eyes, you can use a water proof eyeliner and mascara. By applying a bit of powder on the eyelashes, you will be able to make the mascara to last for a longer time.

Finally you should refrain from touching your face throughout the day so to avoid your makeup from fading off.

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