How to Make your Lips Look Fuller and Sexier with Lip Makeup

Full and pout lips are the dream of every women and an obsession with men. But most of us are not fortunate enough to have naturally full and sexy lips.

Though now with makeup and cosmetics, it as possible to get full lips.

Lips are an extension of your skin but they need more moisture than your skin, especially during extreme winter and summer season as the dry air robs off the moisture from them.

It as necessary to hydrate your lips to give them a fuller look. By following some basic makeup tips, your lips can look fuller and sexier. All you need to do is to use your lip makeup properly.

If you have thin lips, then to make them look fuller, use the liner pencil just a little outside the edge of the natural lip line and then fill in the lipstick. One can use a brush to do this. You can also use little glossy or shiny colors as these will help your lips to pout visually.

Or still better you can use lip plummers to make the lips look full. Use a lip liner that is just one shade darker than your lipstick color. This will prevent the color from smudging outside the edges.

Most of us may not be able to draw straight line along the edge. You can always put tiny dots with the lip liner and then join them. It as always better to use a brush to apply lipsticks as it gives you more control while applying the lipstick.

Use the brush starting from the corners to the middle of the bottom and top lip. Don at use matte colors as it will make the lips look thinner.

You can always apply a layer of plumping lip balm over the lipstick. You can also apply a shimmering powder around the middle of both the lips, over the lip gloss. This will give an unusual attraction to the lips.

If you have uneven lips that is, one lip is thinner and the other one larger, you can just extend the line of the thinner lip while sticking to the natural line of the thicker lip, and then fill it with lip color. For uneven lips, pink and shades of pink look better.

However, you must make sure that they blend well with your skin tone. If you have shapeless lips then you can define your own outlines while using the lip liner and making anmac in the middle of the upper lip to make it all look natural.

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Sidharth Thakur