How To Make Your Lip Makeup to Last Longer

Most lipstick brands have come up with products that stay longer on your lips without the need to constantly retouch them every few hours. However, if you don’t own such long-stay lip makeup, here are some suggestions and methods to make your lip makeup to stay on your lips for longer than usual.

Dead skin cell exfoliation

Before applying lipstick you should always exfoliate the dead skin cells first so that while applying lipstick it gets a smoother look and your lips do not seem cracked. Wipe or swab your lips with piece of wet cotton fabric to exfoliate. This will help your lip makeup to stay on for longer and not come off too soon.

Use Powder

To prevent smudging, dab a bit of powder on a sponge and apply it on your lips. This will work as a basic foundation and it is one of the best tricks to help your lipstick last longer and keep looking fresh.

Apply a lip liner

Applying a lip-liner will be effective to prevent smudging and bleeding of the lip color, as it does not only outline those lips but also plays an important role of marking the boundaries for the lip color. It is important to pick the right lip-liner that goes well with the lipstick you are wearing. Buying the same brand as that of lipstick is always a better idea. Since, lip-liners are usually dry because of the material they’re made of as compared to the lipstick; the lip makeup does not get smudged. So, simply applying a lip-liner before applying lipstick will help the makeup to last longer.

Strategy of applying lipstick correctly

Get a tissue paper and place it between your lips after applying one coat of lipstick. Once excess lipstick is removed, go for the second coat. This double coating helps in giving your lip makeup a longer life.

Buy Quality Makeup

Do not get carried away by the cheaper products as it can cost you dearly later on. Always look for branded stuff and its quality, no matter how expensive that may be. In the long run the branded products will save you more as they do not compromise on quality ensuring your skin to be safe. These products satisfy you with their great results and they also last longer.

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Sidharth Thakur