How to Make Thinning Hair Lush and Thick

In today’s world of stress and rat-race, our hair suffers the most. As we run in our everyday life, it remains unattended, and eventually this off into oblivion. And when we eventually realize the fact, all seems to be lost. But not all, you still have chance to make you thinning hair look fuller with a few simple tricks.

Here we list down a few of techniques which will make your thinning locks of hair look thick and lush:

Texture and Cut – One of the most excellent tricks to cover up your thinning hair is finding out a cut which will add a lot of movement and texture to the style, and at the same time, will make your hair look thicker.

As long hair tends show the thinning reality of hair, shorter and blunter cuts are often a better choice. Try to choose hairstyles with layers and textured ends that create movement and bounce to your thinning hair. You can add texture by adding soft curls. They can also be a brilliant way to make your thin hair appear fuller.

Applying Color – color not only adds to the thickness as well as body to your hair, it can also be wisely used to take the eye away from predominantly thin or even balding spots. Using cleverly a blend of high lights, low lights and color accentuations, you can do magic for your hair with an appropriate color brush.

Hair Products – There are a large range of hair care product available in the market which can be utilized to hide thin hair. Products for example hair thickening shampoo as well as hair thickening conditioners help you a lot to conceal your thinning hair. Using lighter hair products such as pomades and mousses is a wiser option than products like spritzs and gel.