How To Make Sex Fun Again

How To Make Sex Fun Again Spark in a relationship is dependent on good sexual life. People tend not to have the fun or enjoy sex when their relationship matures. There are many methods to bring back the fun in your sexual life and this article discusses some of the popular methods.

Ways To Make Sex Fun Again

Kiss To Improve The Steam In Your Relationship

You should kiss your wife when she least expects. You should kiss her hand when she serves you food or you should kiss her when she is watching TV or you should kiss her when she is cooking food. You should walk with her outside in public and you should kiss her. You should use your hand to keep her face close to your face and you should lick her face all over. You should just tickle her cheek bones using your tongue and you should kiss her neck area. This foreplay would bring back the fun element in your sexual life.

Get Ready For New Honeymoon

You should travel with her on a vacation to make sex fun again in your relationship. You should travel to a remote area and you should do some weird things like walking naked in the room when it is snowing or cold outside. Encourage her to walk naked in trying cold conditions and have the fun in bed. Both of you should wear many dresses in summer condition and you should lie in bed without switching on fan. You should sweat a lot and you should try steamy foreplay before undressing and having sex.

Try Variations In Sex

You can start with sexual variations. You can enjoy role-play and try fantasy model sex to make sex fun again. You can try variations in submissive dominant role and you can make your wife a dominant partner. You can play a game with your wife in which you make her as your mistress and you obey all her commands.

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Tips To Spice Up Your Sex LIfe

You can try variety sexual positions that do not cause pain and you can make sure that you just enjoy the process. It does not matter whether you ejaculate faster. You should foreplay after ejaculating and after taking a rest, you should start kissing her again and you should enjoy sex once again. These multiple sex sessions would bring back the fun in sex.

Go For New Variety Lingerie

Both of you should go together and should select the latest model lingerie. That would bring back spark in your sexual life and would make your sex fun again. Both of you should walk inside your house in new lingerie and enjoy the sexual act together that follows.

Take Leave From Your Work

You should take leave from your work and should enjoy “naked day”. Both of you should just enjoy sitting and sleeping together naked and you should just enjoy the body. At no point of time you should discuss any mind matters and you should take role switching in kissing each other. Shower sex, quickie sex, breast sex, clit sex are some of the popular methods to bring back fun in sexual life.