How To Make Products For Hair Care At Home

Our hair is what makes us beautiful. No wonder we take so much care of our hair. We apply all types of conditioners, shampoos, and hair creams and gels to keep it in prime conditions. But did you know most of the products available in the market contain harmful chemicals, and are more of a bane to our hair than a boon?

Many of us suffer from falling or splitting of hair never realizes it is due to the hair products themselves that we use. It is better to prepare your own homemade hair products and these hair problems will quickly disappear. There is no need to fret about side effects like burning, irritation, hives or rashes.

Here are 2 recipes that offer hair salon quality results with very little money or time.

STEP 1 – get some brown sugar from your kitchen. This will be used to make an exfoliation product your scalp.

STEP 2 – Add 1 tsp of brown sugar with 3 tsp of your usual conditioner. This amount of conditioner is generally enough for average hair, but you can double the recipe if you have long strands.

STEP 3 – Massage this homemade exfoliating hair product into your scalp in a round motion, while using the tips of your finger to get of dandruff. Wash or shampoo your hair as you prefer.

STEP 4 – you can follow the exfoliating product with your own homemade high shine hair conditioner. Mix 1 tsp of honey into 4 cups of lukewarm water. Massage it gently on your hair and leave on.

STEP 5 – Do not rinse out this high shine conditioner. Hair care products with a Honey base is known to attract moisture naturally, which gives the hair a natural glow and a nice refreshing smell without any sticky feeling.