How To Make Organic Cosmetics

How To Make Organic Cosmetics

How To Make Organic Cosmetics Eco friendly and organic products are gaining a huge popularity in the modern day world. This trend is evident in the field of beauty and glamor also. Today, it is seen that an increasing number of people prefer using organic cosmetics and makeup products, as compared to the conventional ones.

These products do not cause any unwanted allergies or side reactions to the user, and this can be attributed as the main reason behind the growing popularity of these organic cosmetic products. Moreover, you can easily prepare these products by yourself and thus hugely cut down on your cosmetic budget. By using such cosmetics, you can also be doubly assured of the fact that your skin is not subjected to the action of hazardous chemicals.

Starting from a foot scrub to your shampoo, there are organic replacements available for each and every product that you use. You will be surprised to know that most of these organic cosmetics can be made out by pulling out ingredients from your kitchen cupboard. So, if you are interested in replacing your synthetic lipsticks and other make up products with natural and user friendly ones, then you can very well try out the organic cosmetic recipes which are given below.

Organic Moisturizers

Moisturizing of the skin is an important beauty care regimen which should be followed regularly. But one problem which troubles many in this regard is finding the moisturizers which are suited for their skin. This is a situation when organic moisturizers come to your rescue.

Organic moisturizers which are devoid of mineral oils and chemical preservatives are a suitable option for people of all skin types. For moisturizing purposes one can make use of jojoba oil, which will essentially hydrate your face. The only requirement before using this moisturizer is that, you should wash your face thoroughly, as the oil tends to act better and is also absorbed better by damp skin.

Another organic cosmetic recipe for a moisturizer suggests one to blend together half a cup of Aloe vera gel and 3 tablespoons of organic vegetable glycerin. This mixture which serves as an effective whole body moisturizer should immediately after preparation, as the Aloe vera gel tends to lose its properties when kept unused for some time.

Organic Cold Cream

For battling the cold winters, using a cold cream proves to be absolutely essential. But for many people, the commercially available cold creams will tend to make their skin greasy and will also tarnish their complexion. To combat these troubling issues, one can make use of an organic cold cream.

Organic Cold Cream

An essential ingredient of a cold cream is carrier oil which is absorbed easily by the skin and which doesn’t make the skin oily. The best option for such oil is the jojoba oil. To prepare the organic cold cream, you can add one teaspoon of organic jojoba oil to a cup of rose water and one and a half cups of almond oil. To this mixture add 1 tablespoon full of grated beeswax. This mixture is to be then stirred well using a blender so that a uniform consistency is achieved.

The cold cream thus prepared can be used not only on your skin, but also on the lips, so as to prevent them from getting chapped. Refrigeration of this cold cream by storing it in a closed container will ensure that it lasts unspoiled for a long period of time.

Organic Solutions for Your Hair Troubles

People who have dry and unhealthy hair can try using an organic hair moisturizer. This organic cosmetic recipe calls for the use of the pulp of ripe organic avocado and organic coconut milk, which are to be blended together. The moisturizer should be then applied on your hair and washed off after 15 minutes. The natural moisturizing properties of the ingredients will ensure that your hair regains its lost shine.

Make-Up Your Face the Organic Way

Apart from body care products, the cosmetic uses of organic ingredients can also be seen in makeup accessories. An organic cosmetic recipe for a lip balm suggest that you use one teaspoon of cocoa butter, 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil and 5 drops of peppermint essential oil.

The cocoa butter should be heated at first so as to melt it. To the melted butter, add the oils and blend it well in order to create a paste of uniform consistency. You can store the prepared lip balm in air tight containers and can use it when it has cooled down. Another recipe for making an organic face powder involves mixing together rice powder and honey powder.

While preparing the organic cosmetics you will have to ensure that the ingredients brought from the stores are hundred percent organic and not adulterated. Once this factor is ensured, then you can very well move forward to prepare and enjoy the benefits of organic cosmetics.

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