How To Make New Friends

Friendship is a blessing for all of us. It is a gift from the Almighty. It is that relationship without which our lives would become empty and boring.

Friends are important for us for many reasons. They are sometimes the pillar behind us giving us the strength and support during the toughest times of our life.

They are the reason for the smile when we are in despair. A friend’s importance in a person’s life can not be measured because friends are invaluable and so are their friendships.

But there are people in this world who are not that lucky to find good or true friends or who may not have more than a handful of friends in their entire lifetime. But since more friends means more joy, therefore here are some useful advices and tips on making your life more colorful by making new friends.

Start socializing. If you have been avoiding parties and get – togethers then start attending them. Once you are in such a place where prospective friendships can take place, then start carrying an “easy to get along with attitude”. Talk to people around you in a friendly manner. Make people around you feel comfortable with you.

Be positive and make others feel good about you. Smile frequently and laugh a lot. This will generate good vibes around you, attracting more people towards you.

Be interesting and entertaining to people. Learn how to tell a joke and make people around you laugh. Make them feel happy and good. That will attract them further towards you.

Listen to others with interest and attention. Do not behave as if you are hardly interested in listening to them or about them. Maintain an eye contact with people while conversing with them and keep your smile intact.

Carry a good body language, which means that you should present yourself as a confident, happy and approachable person. We all feel drawn towards such a person who owns these qualities. We also like to keep company of a person who possesses these qualities.

All these should help you stand out in a crowd and help you attract the right kind of attention. You can expect to grow your friend circle noticeably after this and also find yourself a few true friends who would be beside you throughout your lifetime.