How To Make Homemade Hair Removal Wax

Homemade Hair Removal Wax

Homemade Hair Removal Wax Waxing has become a very vital part of beauty and grooming regime. Waxing is a method of temporary hair removal which is known to be very effective and long-lasting. Waxing involves use of some sort of wax for hair removal.

In spite of being a painful method, many people opt for the same because of its various benefits. Waxing is not confined to women alone. But it is popular among men as well. Women prefer to wax to flaunt their smooth and glowing skin while men wax for hygienic reasons and to look good also.

The best thing about waxing is the fact that waxing reduces hair growth. It takes about 3-6 weeks for the hair to regrow after waxing. Waxing over a period of years will help in permanent hair removal as well. Moreover, waxing is quite inexpensive and a very effective technique for hair removal.

A number of other techniques like use of hair removal creams etc. are not preferred because of its side effects like skin darkening, etc. There are other methods like hair removal by laser etc. which are very effective but can be little rough on your pockets. So it is best to stick to our age old method of waxing for hair removal.

A lot of people have been using homemade wax for hair removal for generations. It is believed that Egyptians have been using natural methods of hair removal since centuries. These methods of hair removal by home made wax not only helps you get rid of unwanted hair but also helps one attain soft and glowing skin. Almost all the recipes for waxing for hair removal involves sugar, and rest of the ingredients can be altered based on personal choice. Here are few recipes of homemade wax for hair removal.

Homemade Hair Removal Wax Recipes

Take about 1-2 cups of white sugar in a microwavable bowl and heat it till the sugar melts completely. You can also use brown sugar for making homemade wax. You can also melt sugar in stove in pan instead of a microwave. However, make sure that you keep it on low flame to prevent the sugar from burning. Once the sugar melts completely, take about a cup of honey and add it to the melted sugar and stir thoroughly.

Then extract the juice from about 1-2 lemons and add it to the same mixture. Check if the consistency is good enough for a hot wax. If it has become too thin then wait for it to cool as it is likely to thicken when its temperature drops.You can also try replacing honey with glycerin in the above recipe. Glycerin is best for people with dry skin as it moisturizes the skin and also seals the moisture. This variant of homemade wax also works wonders in hair removal.

You can also add few drops of your favorite essential oil to your homemade wax. Essential oils like lavender oil, lemon essential oil, etc. imparts a pleasant smell to your homemade wax. These also have cooling and therapeutic properties which will help heal any injury or bruise during waxing. You can also add some Aloe Vera gel to your homemade wax as the antiseptic and soothing properties in Aloe Vera will help prevent skin irritation as a result of waxing.

Olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties and moisturizing properties and hence few drops of olive oil can also be added to your homemade wax. If the mixture gets too thick at some point, then you can also add some water to it. But make sure that you do not add too much water or the mixture might become very thin.

How To Use Homemade Wax

How To Use Homemade Wax

You can make your homemade wax and store in your refrigerator for later use also. You can try waxing your hands and legs using this homemade wax for best results. Here are the steps involved in waxing using homemade wax.

Apply some cornstarch powder or baby powder on the areas which needs to be waxed. Heat the homemade wax mixture and then wait for it to cool down a little. Take a spatula and apply a thin layer of wax on the areas you wish to wax.

Keep some wax strips handy and place them on the area where you have applied wax. Now rub the strip on those areas and pull it against the direction of hair growth. You can repeat this step till you get rid of all the hair.

Ensure that you keep some ice and some soothing body lotion handy. Apply it on the skin as soon as you finish waxing. This will eliminate any itching and irritating sensation immediately. You can also try applying Aloe Vera gel for the same. You can mix some corn starch in a bucket of water and rinse the waxed areas with this water. This will soothe your skin and also minimize the chances of skin irritation.

Things To Remember

Here are few things that you will have to keep in mind when you are using homemade wax for hair removal. Ensure that you do not apply wax that is too hot on your skin or your skin might burn. Make sure that you check the temperature of the wax before applying it.

Do not use this wax to remove your facial hair, hair in genital areas etc. The skin of face and genital areas are very sensitive and this homemade wax is not recommended for such areas. You might not get the hold of doing this by yourself the first time. Seek somebody’s assistance for doing this till you are able to do it well yourself.

This method of waxing by using homemade scrub is natural and gives the best results. The sugar helps in cleansing your skin. Honey and other essential oils help moisturize your skin leaving it smooth and soft. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and helps in skin whitening and also brings about a certain glow. All these ingredients combined together helps you get rid of unwanted hair and also nourish your skin. So make sure that you give this recipe a try for best results.