How To Make Homemade Eye Makeup Remover From Baby Shampoo And Baby Oil

How To Make Homemade Eye Makeup Remover From Baby Shampoo And Baby Oil

How To Make Homemade Eye Makeup Remover From Baby Shampoo And Baby Oil Making eye makeup removers from available natural household products is a cheap and safe method for gentle cleansing of your eyes. Baby shampoos and baby oils work great for removing water proof makeups which although are quite great for rainy days, are quite resistant to cleaning off.

Eye makeup removers available in the market are quite expensive and may not even suit your eyes. This is how you can use baby oil and baby shampoo as makeup removers from your eyes without accompanied by the sting.

Apply Baby Oil

Take a cotton ball and dip it in baby oil. Now place this cotton ball in the area surrounding your eyes, and move your hand in the downward motion. Start wiping away the makeup in this fashion. You may have to repeat the dipping and wiping part many times before the whole thing including your mascara and eyeliner comes away.

Wipe the excess oil

Use a soft and clean cotton swab to remove excess oil from your eye surface. Now moisten your face by splashing some lukewarm water.

Apply Baby shampoo

Place some baby shampoo on your palm. Add a bit of water and rub your palms together till the shampoo in your hand foams up. Spread up this shampoo in your eye region taking special care in avoiding the tear ducts. One benefit of using the baby shampoo is that your eyes don’t sting while applying the shampoo. Now spread the shampoo in gentle circular motions till whole of the eye shadow and all the residual makeup is completely removed.

Rinse with water

Wash away your face by splashing warm water till no residue of the shampoo remains around your eyes. Finish up the process by applying your standard facial cleansing milk and then a good quality moisturizer. Baby shampoo dries away your skin so it is imperative that you follow up the eye makeup removal procedure by moisturizing the skin around the eyes thoroughly.

Mix baby oil and baby shampoo

Conversely you can also mix away these two ingredients together in a plastic container. First step is to pour one cup of water in a plastic spray bottle or a squeeze container with a lid. Now mix 1/8 part baby oil with one and half parts of baby shampoo in the container. Cap away this bottle and shake it vigorously for about 1min.

Shake the bottle again before using the cleansing mixture. For removing your eye makeup, spray or pour (according to the type of the bottle you are using) the remover on a cotton ball in a way that it is completely dabbed with the mixture.

Now place the cotton on the surface of your eyes and move in a circular motion removing away the mascara, eyeliner and the eye shadow in the process. You may need to use a number of cotton balls saturated with the remover before the whole thing comes off. The best thing about this kind of remover is that there is no greasy or oily feel in the aftermath and your eyes feel refreshed and well-cared for.

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