How To Make Hair Dyes At Home

How To Make Hair Dyes At Home

How To Make Hair Dyes At Home As a person progresses in age, hairs tend to turn gray. For younger looks, people apply hair colorsand dyes. In some cases, though hairs are not gray, hair dye is used for changing the looks. For example, many men and women like to have burgundy or red hairs and thus, use hair dye.

People with black hair, who like blonde hairs very much, also use hair dye for changing their looks. Finding and applying hair dye is not a difficult task. Markets are really flooded with different brands of hair dyes and a person can choose desired color from many shades.

One aspect that may restrict frequent use of hair dye is harmful chemicals contained in the dye. In other words, hair dyes are quite harmful for hairs and if used frequently, may lead to some side effects. In many studies, health risks of hair dyes have been found. Dyes can be prepared at home also. These dyes do not have any side effects and can be used regularly for having improved looks. These dyes are generally made from common household ingredients.

How to Make Hair Dyes at Home

For covering grey hairs, a person can prepare dye by using sage and rosemary. These two substances are mixed in water and allowed to simmer for half an hour. Pan is then removed from heat and mixture is allowed to steep for three to four hours. This mixture is then applied to hairs and left for drying up. After one or two hours, hairs are shampooed.

If darker color is desired, this application may be repeated. Similarly, walnut husk can also be used for covering gray hairs. Walnut husk is added to water and is allowed to simmer on burner for half an hour. Mixture is then allowed to cool and applied directly to hairs. For removing mixture, hairs are washed with water.
If a person wishes to lighten hairs, he can mix one cup of organic lemon juice to three cups of chamomile tea.

This mixture is then massaged into hairs and left for one or two hours under sun. Afterwards, hairs are washed with water. Frequent repetition of this treatment results in lightening of hairs. Similarly, organic Rhubarb can also be used for lightening hairs. Some quantities of mashed Rhubarb are added to 4oz of organic pineapple juice for making a mixture.

This mixture is applied directly to hairs and left for some time under sun. Hairs are then washed as usual. Some people also use mixture of honey and organic plain yogurt in ration of 1:2 for lightening hairs. This mixture is applied to hairs. Hairs are then wrapped in saran wrap and left for eight hours before rinsing.

For getting red tints, beet juice and carrot juice can be used. Half cup of both of these is mixed and massaged into hairs. This mixture is left on hairs for one hour before rinsing hairs.

Similarly, one cup of Rosehips can be boiled in two cups of water. This mixture is then stained and massaged into hairs. Marigold flowers also produce red tints. Half cup of crushed marigold flowers is boiled in two cups of water. This mixture is stained and added to one cup of wine. This mixture is then applied to hairs and left for 30 minutes before rinsing hairs.