How To Make A Man To Ejaculate Faster

While most women go digging for information on how can they make their man to last longer in bed, since most men end up ejaculating even before 10 minutes, there are others who want their man to ejaculate sooner because they take more than 30 minutes to ejaculate.  Especially when a woman is giving a man oral sex, she wants him to ejaculate within ten to fifteen minutes, as anything longer than that can be very uncomfortable. If a woman has to continue sucking a man for more than 10 minutes, she is sure to get a lock-jaw or a sore mouth.

Also in case of penetrative sex, you sometimes want your man to ejaculate faster for reasons like you’re tired, you want to sleep early or simply because you’re not up for sex but you didn’t wan to tell him no. Whatever your reasons, here are some ways to make a man to ejaculate faster.

Keep The Lights On

When the lights are on and he can see your body, he is sure to be more excited than if lights were turned off. And for men it’s simple when they are more excited they end up ejaculating faster.

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Rub Him A Little

Don’t be shy to hold his penis in your hands and stroke it for a few minutes before he inserts it into the vagina. The hand has a stronger grip on his organ, which ultimately translates into more pleasure and quicker ejaculation. When men masturbate using their hands they ejaculate rather quickly, so by giving him a little hand job you will imitating masturbation to help him cum faster.

Use The fingers

Apply pressure to the area between his testis and his anus, called perineum, using your fingers. Applying pressure to this area causes intense excitement, something like what a women feels from G-spot stimulation, causing the man to ejaculate faster.

Use Your Hands While Giving Oral

This tip will work only if you are giving a man oral sex; since that’s the only time you can use tour hand to reach his shaft. While sucking on his penis, grip the rear end of his shaft using your index finger and your thumb and stroke his foreskin. And as he gets double stimulation, with your mouth working on the tip of the penis and your hands working on the rear end, the man will be able to ejaculate within a few minutes.

  • Barbie K

    Since my man doesn’t cum while I’m touching him, I touch his penis and nipples, he is really into some kinky stuff: like bitting, talking dirty, etc. Can you tell me some ways to make him ejaculate faster then usaul time he last its around one or two hours. I like it if he could cum in a couple of seconds.

  • Harleys R. Toofuknloud

    Really? Is it all about control and what she wants? Ever wonder why guys end up hating their women?

    • Robert A

      They don’t hate women, they just find one who’s more enthusiastic and skilled! Most women I’ve been with are like a big bore!

  • Joseph Mason

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