How To Make A Lip Scrub

How To Make A Lip Scrub

How To Make A Lip Scrub Luscious and voluptuous lips have always been sought after. With trends in the fashion world every woman craves to posses beautiful lips if not the Angelina Jolie lips. Lips are crucial to a woman because of the smile which lightens up the face.

Hence the crazes for various lip products which often even turn to addiction. Have you ever wondered why although you chose the right color for your lips, they still look like there is something amiss? Well, not only the right lip color or lip gloss would do the trick, you need proper care to make them look ‘hale and bold’. Even thin lips can look luscious with proper lip care.

The common notion of lip care is usually confined to putting on loads of lip balm or loads of expensive lip balms. But nothing could be more wrong than that. The proper lip care regimen should consist of scrubbing with a good lip scrub and softening with a good lip balm.

Due to this lack of awareness, there are not plenty of options for lip balms and only a few brands have good lip scrubs of they do have them at all. But the good news is that, you can have your own lip balm made right in your kitchen within a few minutes. This lip scrub would be natural, easy to make and what is better than a gift from the mother earth? So, here is the simple and easy recipe.

Take a spoonful of honey. Any variety will do. Honey is a natural moisturizer which will soften your lips making the dry flakes soft and easy to remove. Now add a few drops of lime juice to it. Lime juice acts as natural bleach. Moreover, the high content of vitamin c would actually nourish your lips. Now, take some coarsely granulates sugar. Mix all these ingredients to form a thick mixture.

Now, take a small amount on your finger and apply to your lips. Leave this mixture on. After a while, if it dries up a little bit, put on another thick layer. After an hour or so, gently start rubbing your fingers on your lips.  This would scrape off the skin flakes and leave your lips smooth and completely free from dead skin flakes. Alternately you can take a baby tooth brush and gently rub it on your lips.

After a while, when you are done, wash off with water and put on a lip balms which is moisturizing or repairing or both because you would need something extra moisturizing after having scrubbed your lips. Do not use too finely ground sugar or icing sugar.

When the dry flakes on your lips are softened by honey and your lips cleaned with the juice from the mixture, the sugar would do the actual scrubbing, like the granules in your face or body or foot scrub. If the sugar particles are too fine, it would melt into the mixture and you would not be able to scrub properly. On the other hand, if the granules are too large, it might scratch your lips. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and flaunt your lips!!

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