How To Make A Girl Like You

How To Make A Girl Like You

How To Make A Girl Like You Have you found the girl of your dreams or somebody who you think might be the girl you were waiting for but do not know what to do to make her like you!  Then do not worry as there is no problem without a solution to it. Most guys think of it as a very hard and impossible task to impress a girl or to make a girl like you.

Sometimes, it can get quite tough as it is difficult to sense what is going on in a girl’s mind. Girls are of many kinds and it is very impossible to predict their likes and dislikes. You will have to do a little homework if you wish to impress a girl and want to make her like you. Here is a list of things that you should do to make a girl like you.

Get To Know The Girl First

In order to make her like you, you will have to be friends with her first. She will like you only when she gets to know you better. So get introduced by a common friend or some common means. If you try to make a girl like you without knowing her, then she might find that insulting, and may end up thinking that you are a freak. A bad start can ruin all your plans. So it is very important that you set up your first meeting to be friend’s with her.

Be Well Groomed

Most girls like well groomed guys. The filthy, rough and tough look does not work all the time. So make sure that whenever she sees you, you are at your best. Have a bath and wear nice clothes. Get a shave and comb your hair properly and also make sure that you smell good when around her. This will have a good impression on her and she will surely consider being friend’s with you. If you are not well groomed she might not even consider looking at you.

Be Confidant

While trying to be friends with her make sure that you put a very confidant front while facing her. Fight your nervousness and try to remain calm every time you approach her. You can also rehearse a few conversation starter sentences so that you do not end up blabbering something that does not make any sense to her. Talk properly and try not to stammer. Confidence is something most girls looks forward to in a guy.

Be Honest

Once you become friends with her and start talking to her, make it a point to not show off a lot. It is very important that you are honest and yourself. Guys tend to be very pretentious when around the girl they like. They speak about their non-existent cars and friends without even realizing that they might get caught. So it is best to be honest than to get caught and ruin your chances of speaking with her ever again. Moreover, girls prefer to be with honest guys than with guys who show off a lot.

Be Pleasant

Girls like to be around guys who are pleasant and positive all the time. So try keeping your bad experiences like previous break-ups, family problems, etc. to yourself during the initial few days. You do not have to share all your grievances right away. Make sure that you always meet her with a smiling face and put a pleasant front in front of her.

Be Charming And Witty

Apart from putting up a pleasant front also make sure that you are charming and witty while with her. You do not have to crack badly rehearsed jokes while with her to show your wits.  Also do not try to crack sarcastic jokes concerning the girl you are trying to impress. This might scare her away. But be sure to have a very witty approach towards things and be charming around her.

Be A Good Listener

Girls tend to speak a lot and share a lot of intimate secrets once she gets close to someone. So if she is talking to you then make sure that you listen to her without interrupting her. It might sound silly but this means a lot to girls. Also try to remember all the things she tells you like the name of her friends, important dates etc. All the things she tells you might not interest you but showing some interest might really make her like you. Also show interest in her hobbies, likings etc. to make her like you.

Be Caring And Concerned

Girls do not accept this fact but, in their hearts they wish, that you show care and concern towards them. Girls feel on top of the world when they get their share of attention and so you will have to shower immense amount of care and concern over her. Also encourage her to do various things. Compliment her once a while. Tell her if she looks pretty as that will certainly make her feel good and lift her mood. This will make her feel wanted and she will surely develop a liking towards you.

Make Her Feel Comfortable

It is very important that the girl feels comfortable in your company. So try your best to not make fun of her and also ensure that you make her feel comfortable when she is with you. Once she feels good in your company she will surely get attracted to you and things will work out just the way you wish.

Take Things Slow

Patience will take you a long way to make a girl like you. So do not expect any miracles to happen. Take your time and understand the girl you like. Do not hurry in proceeding to the next step like asking out on a date, a kiss etc. This can scare her away and ruin your impression also. Take your time and get to know her first and after you get to know her well, ask her out casually. Follow these steps to make a girl like you.

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