How To Lose Weight

So you have a grand party in the coming month and still you are quite a few pounds heavier. Conditions have reached such an extent that your husband has suggested if he could get some long, and stretchable night dress for you? If you in such a condition than simply do not worry.

Actually losing weight is not that difficult and you can lose more than 10 pounds of weight in less than a month. However most us fail because we do not know the science and also lack discipline. However if you promise me to follow what I say them I will guarantee that you will become the talk of the party , figuratively speaking of course.

Most of us gain weight due to irregularity and also heavy dependence on junk food. Cut that out. In the breakfast try to have half the amount of cereal you use to have and also instead of a glass of milk have half a glass. You will cut out more than 200 calories in the breakfast itself.  Most of us become ballistic during the evening with the regular doses of fried chips, popcorns, ice creams and what not.

Have some self restrain and cut them out. Instead have a bowl of popcorns minus the butter and masala. You can also take a bowl of soup. Soups can be made really tasty and are also good for health. Avoid midnight snacks if you work in the night. Most of us consume more than 500 calories in the night itself when the lack of physical work requires less food intake.

Apart from this cut out the numerous incidents when you gulp down calories unknowingly like munching on chips while watching television, or some chips from your son’s packet or the fried prawns from your wife’s plate. Trust me you will look much more svelte and sexy in the party.