How To Lose Twin Pregnancy Weight

Pregnancy and child birth is the most memorable moments in the life of a woman. But to have healthy delivery and better post pregnancy health, it is necessary to take certain steps during pregnancy.

It is quite natural that a woman puts around 20 pounds and more during pregnancy. If it is twin pregnancy, then the weight gain will be even more. Many women find it difficult to shed off the pregnancy weight, along with the responsibility of taking care of the new born.

It is very difficult to take care of a new born, so there is no word to explain the task of a new mom with twins. Given below is the set of tips that will be helpful for new moms to lose weight after their twin pregnancy.

Breast feeding is not only nutritious for the baby; it also helps in losing the pregnancy weight. Breast feeding helps the uterus to shrink and get back to its original size. Moms who breast feed their baby is said to burn 1000 calories a day per child. So for mom with twins can burn 2000 calories each day by breast feeding her twins.

It is necessary that new mother has to take initiative to lose weight in a healthy and safe fashion. They need extra energy to take care of the twins, so it becomes essential for them to eat healthy food. It is not good to skip meals. They should not be in a hurry to lose weight, they should properly plan the weight loss program for about eight to nine months as it is difficult to lose the twin pregnancy weight within one or two months.

For new mothers who are looking forward to lose weight after delivery, it is essential to make exercise as a part of their daily routine. Swimming is one of the best exercise forms for new mothers as it helps in toning the body and at the same time increase metabolism rates.

Swimming will not cause stress on the body, but helps to reduce weight in a healthy way.
It is quite natural to have the desire to lose the extra pounds that is due to twin pregnancy. But it is necessary to have realistic goals, and aim for a healthy and safe weight loss.