How to Look Your Best in Spring

There are some items that are a must have in every seasonal closet. Jackets, scarves, mufflers, boots and hats are synonymous with winter. In the same way there are certain ‘must -haves’ in your spring closet as well.

One of the key essentials in your spring closet is a jacket. One that is tailored and well fitted is a good investment. Look for one in a neutral or dark shade that you can team with trousers, jeans, dresses and skirts. My favorite pick is a fitted jacket in black; however you can choose a color based on your personal preference. It must fit your body well. Look out for one that accentuates your curves not one that hides your figure.

A leopard print scarf is another must have. This is a perfect accessory that brightens up dull outfits. You can wear the scarf even if you are wearing basic jeans and a T-shirt. It will complete your look and make you look stunning.

A pair of red flats is the next essential for spring. Though black is the most obvious choice; red is trendy and it works well for any season. You can team it with any fabric, any design. It looks fabulous with polka dots and strips.

Look out for a trendy that is resurfacing. A striped shirt is making a huge comeback. Wear it under a blazer to make a bold statement.

Every woman needs to have a good neckpiece in her collection of trinkets. Wearing a bold neckpiece adds volume to a dull or boring outfit. This is one accessory that you can team with any outfit so choose a metal that you are comfortable with. Gold and silver are the most popular choice; you can also look out for any other metal that you can wear on all outfits.

The little black dress needs no introduction. This is one article that every woman needs to have in her closet. While looking out for this article of clothing you need to pay attention to the detailing. Look for a basic dress that you can accessorize. If you have a simple dress you can accessorize as per the occasion and time of the day.

A pair of black opaque tights or hose is a must have as it allows you to wear a dress that is shorter than you are comfortable wearing. This accessory also makes your legs and thighs look slimmer. It is perfect for keeping you warm in winter.

These are some of the basic requirements to enhance your spring wardrobe.