How to look younger with makeup?

Make up is a fantastic way for women to enhance their appearance and feel better about their appearance. While women have been using makeup for several different reasons, like concealing scars and blemishes, highlighting certain features and synchronizing their look with their favorite dress, there are very few women who know the art of using makeup to look younger.

The foremost rule to looking younger with makeup is to restrict your makeup to a minimum. Going overboard with your makeup and using thick layers of foundation and heavy usage of colors can put the accent on wrinkles and aging signs, defeating your overall purpose of using makeup to conceal your age. On the contrary, a sparse usage of makeup on areas where it is needed most can make you look younger.

Choosing the right shade of foundation or compact powder is very important because even a slight difference in the shade of your skin and the shade of the foundation will make wrinkles and blemishes more visible. The next rule is to apply the foundation or the powder as a very thin and even layer so that it works like a fine membrane on your skin rather than a complete cover for your skin. And in case, by evening you feel the makeup has worn out, don’t apply any additional layers on the existing makeup rather wash it off and apply a fresh layer.

For eye shadow and blush go in for the cream based products, because they give you a softer look as against the usual powder based products. Your color choice should remain restricted to light pastel shades, like pale pink, while avoiding all bright shades of eye shadow. Using lighter shades makes you look more natural and therefore younger. The same rule goes for the choice of lipstick color. Using dark or bright shades of lipsticks will make the line on your lips more prominent while also bringing to surface fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth region.

All this boils down to one simple rule that you must use very little makeup and restrict your color choice to lighter shades when you wish to look younger.

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Sidharth Thakur