How to Look Taller- Tips for Petite Women

Petite women are considered to be cute when they are in their teens because they enjoy fitting themselves into all clothes and wearing all styles of clothes.

However they face certain challenges with their choice of clothes later on. If you are a petite woman and are trying to figure out clothing options for yourself to make you look taller then you need to make smart decisions. There are plenty of clothes that will help you to increase your height or make you look taller instantly.

Firstly you need to wear only solid colors; wearing more than one color when you wear separates divides your body and creates an illusion of a smaller torso and this is exactly what you are trying to avoid. When you wear separates it is best to wear the same color or avoid wearing separates completely.

Another simple way for you to add a few inches without too much effort is to wear short outfits that show off your legs. Though this may not be appealing to most women it is an easy way to look taller instantly.

When your wear short outfits like dresses and skirts you automatically divert attention to your long legs thereby creating an illusion of a longer body. If you team this outfit with a pair of high heel shoes you will look fabulous and will look taller instantly.

Petite women must avoid wearing pin stripes as it makes your body look shorter. In my personal opinion you must steer clear of stripes however if you are interested in this look then wear horizontal stripes so that you can pull of the look with ease.

Though ballet flat shoes are in vogue you must avoid wearing this style. Flat sandals, kitten heels and clogs will not help you to enhance your height so it is in your best interest to avoid shoes in these styles.

Instead wear shoes with high heels; if you are not comfortable in this style then you can wear wedges or platform shoes.

Don’t wear clothes that are over sized or baggy; they will make you look frumpy and shorter than you are. Petite women must always wear well fitted clothes in order to give their bodies a perfect shape and enhance their look. When you are choosing colors always opt for bold shades and monotones like tan, black, white and olive.