How to Look Pretty When you have a Bad Hair Day

We all have bad hair days when our hair doesn’t look right no matter what we try.
On these bad hair days one tries various techniques to camouflage hair and make it look presentable.

I have had a few bad hair days and I’ve found a few defense mechanisms that have helped me to cope with it. I am so excited that I can’t wait to share them with you.

One of the tricks that I tried on a bad hair day was to tie it up with a scarf. Invest in a few scarves that you can use to tie around your hair or a pony tail. You can also invest in a few bandanas.

These tools are perfect for days when your hair appears fizzy and untidy. You can also use bandanas on days when your hair seems oily. This is a trendy way to cover up a bad hair day.

Match your scarves with your outfits to give you a perfect look. Bandanas will make you look attractive especially if you wear it with some makeup. It will accentuate your features and give you a soft look.

Other way to cover up a bad hair day is to French braid your hair. This is one of the most stylish braids and it has been in vogue for a few decades now. A French braid will pull all your hair together thereby giving you a perfect look without too much fuss. This is an easy maintainable hairstyle and you won’t have to fuss too much about it during the day.

While a French braid is great for a day when your hair is fizzy you can wear your hair in a pony tail with a braid if your hair is oily. This hairstyle is perfect for all seasons and you can wear a few accessories like clips and pins to add some volume to hair.

You can also try tying your hair in a bun (either low or high) on a bad hair day. If a bun is too simple or you are not very happy with the style you could add a few accessories.

A hair band is a good accessory to have when you put your hair up in a bun. You could also add a few clips or bobby pins in your hair. Wearing a bandana when your hair is tied in a bun is not a bad option either.Try out any one of these options to see which suits your style best.