How To Look Into Your Kids Safety

jonathan1a When my first child was born, I acted in an over cautious manner-something that I believe all new mothers do. I will share certain things here that we did in our nuclear family and which will help your kid to grow up safely.

Firstly, we got round-edged furniture for the house so that the baby isn’t hurt while crawling or walking. In the initial phase, we also shunned centre tables and glass tops.

As kids are very curious about plug holes, we blocked all of them with plastic stops to avert accidents. Another thing to ensure is to keep the iron beyond the reach of your kids unless they are old enough to know how dangerous it could be. Never leave your little ones all by themselves in the house or teach them to lock the doors.

Keep your kitchen free of stools. Put all your medicines under lock and key and at a height that’s beyond the reach of your children. Keep phenyl, sanitizers or other such things in the bathroom away from children. Always keep the bathroom doors locked. In case the lock of your bathroom door is loose, fasten a ringing item or a bell to the handle so that an alarm is sounded when your kid tries to enter the place.

If you have to cook when your baby is around, either have some one to keep an eye on the baby or set up a beeper in the room of your baby. Don’t keep pillows and toys in a region where your baby sleeps as they may choke your little one.

As babies love to put anything into their mouth, use a floor disinfectant and remove any pen tops, screws or small items lying here and there that may catch the fancy of your child. Also, supervise your kid to avert accidental falls. Parenting can be tough in the initial stages but as your kid grows up and becomes mature, everything will fall in place.