How to Look Fashionable in Winter

Winter wear can make you look and feel a bit awkward. This is because the attire makes you look bulky. Though your clothes are supposed to make you feel warm they normally make you look like the neighborhood snowman. If you can relate with this fact then I have a few tips to help you out.

A winter coat is essential. However it is imperative that you find a coat that doe not make you look bulky. A well tailored coat will fit your body well and will not make you look shapeless. Nylon, fur and wool coats are your best option. A good coat will fit you well on the chest and be flair at the waist in order to let you move with ease. Look at a coat as an investment; one that you can wear for years and not just one season. If you have this as your outlook you will be able to find the right coat.

You need to protect your head from the cold wind and the snow. This can be done by wearing a good hat. A fleece hat or leather hat will protect you from the snow. Wear a large chunky hat in order to get maximum protection. Hats are very trendy so you can have a huge collection to match or contrast your outfits.

You can wear scarves to match your hat. It is essential to drape a scarf around your neck so you can play around with the fabric, color and the way you drape it around your body.

Walk in boots during winter. They are the best accessory to protect your feet. There are different styles of boots available. Look out for boots with rubber soles for the winter as they offer good support to the feet and they prevent slipping. Never wear high heeled boots when you are outdoors as they may cause foot injuries if you slip.

Your make up needs to reflect the season. Forget your bronzer and wear pink blush instead. This is one season where you can show off your rosy cheeks. Do not wear heavy make up though as your face will have a natural glow due to the extreme cold temperatures. Keep make up simple and elegant.