How To Look Different On A Prom Night

1 Rosy, Fresh Cheeks

To get rosy cheeks and a fresh look, put on some foundation on your skin’s uneven patches or blemishes. You can even use a concealer if the foundation is not effective. Use a cream blush having a rosy shade on your cheeks, starting at the cheeks’ apple and blending it at the edges. Next, apply mascara to your eye lashes.

Lastly, use a peach or rosy pink colored lipstick in glossy shade to obtain that perfect and complete look. Don’t forget to carry your lip color to the prom so that you can reapply it, if the need arises.

Glamorous and Shimmery

For looking glamorous and catching the attention of the onlookers, begin by using an eye shadow of medium brown shade. Next, draw a thick line just over your eyelashes using silver or gold colored eyeliner. For additional glamour, expand this line somewhat beyond the outer edges of your eyes. Follow it up with black mascara on your eyelids. Put a double coat on the upper lashes while opting for a light coat for the lower lashes. Apply some sparkle or shimmer on your cheeks with a cream blush. Put on a lipstick of glossy shade to get prepared for the attention of everyone.

Simple and Matte

If you prefer not to wear makeup on a regular basis and don’t want your friends to be overwhelmed by your look, go for a simple and matte look. To get your eyes highlighted, use light brown eyeliner to draw a thin line near your lashes. Put on some light brown or cream shadow to your eyelids to make them look bigger.

Use a lone coat of mascara on your upper lashes. For having a more dramatic look, apply more mascara to the lashes’ edges. To have a uniform skin tone and reduce shine, use a light pink colored powder brush. Next, dust some loose powder. Using a lip liner, draw an outline of your lips and fill with a matching shade of matte lipstick. You are now set to turn heads at the prom.