How To Look Cute Without Wearing Makeup

How To Look Cute Without Wearing Makeup

How To Look Cute Without Wearing Makeup Many women consider makeup products as most important tool in their hands for looking cute and beautiful. Even college girls are very much crazy about makeup products. Foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, lip stick, and mascara are frequently used by them for looking attractive.

On the other hands, there are some women that do not apply makeup at all but look cute. Unlike thought by many women, such looks are not because of genetic reasons. Rather, they are result of perfect skin care techniques that result in glowing and blemish free skin. By keeping good hygiene and by remaining confident, a woman can easily look cute and beautiful. Many estheticians also believe that makeup should not be worn all the time, as it makes it very difficult for skin to breathe.

How to Look Cute Without Wearing Makeup

There are some steps that can be followed for looking cute without wearing makeup. First of all, skin must be kept cleaned at all costs. Skin is regularly exposed to dust and pollution. If skin is not cleansed regularly, many types of skin imperfections can occur. One of best ways of preparing skin for activities of coming day is to clean it at night.

For this purpose, a gentle cleanser can be used. Some women use regular soaps for removing makeup products and washing face. This practice should be discontinued, as soaps remove moisture considerably from the skin. A mild face wash should be used. Skin cleansers are considered as best, as they remove oil, dirt and makeup effectively without affecting the skin.

Deep cleaning and abrasive products may be avoided, as these may lead to irritation or redness of skin. It is commonly found that while cleansing the face, eye makeup is not removed. This is not a good practice, as it may result in some sort of skin imperfections. Removal of dirt and pollutants from skin at night helps it to breathe freely and over a period of time, it starts glowing.

Glowing skin does not require any type of foundation or other such makeup product for looking good. Similarly, in the morning also, face can be washed with a mild soap or cleanser. It helps in removing layer of dead cells. Like cleansing, toning of skin is also important for looking cute without wearing makeup. Toner is used after cleaning the skin with a cleanser. Toner helps in closing the pores and in reducing the redness found on skin.

It is generally applied with the help of a cotton swab. There are many brands of toner available in market. Some of these are herbal while others are chemical preparations. Both types of toners have been found effective in toning the skin. Women who are allergic to certain chemicals may go for herbal ones.
One of most important steps for looking cute and beautiful is moisturizing the skin. If skin is kept moist, it would definitely look young and supple.

Look Cute Without Wearing Makeup

Appearance of wrinkles is also delayed significantly by using moisturizers regularly. For maximum effect, moisturizer should be used in damp conditions after taking bath, so that no moisture is lost in the process. It is better if moisturizers containing SPF are used, as these not only protect the skin from harmful rays of sun but also smoothes complexion. However, it must not be used as a substitute for sunscreen while moving out.

Sunscreen with SPF 30 or more must be used while moving out for getting complete protection. Before going to bed at night, moisturizers must be applied after cleansing the face. This helps in locking the moisture inside the skin.
For keeping the skin moist, it is also necessary that ample quantities of water are consumed. Water also helps in removing harmful toxins from the skin and body as waste materials.

Skin devoid of toxins glow perfectly and look good. Many estheticians believe that for having soft and moist skin, eight to ten glasses of water must be consumed in a day. Similarly, ample sleep is necessary for looking cute without make. A woman who has dark circles under her eyes cannot look cute and beautiful without applying concealer. By taking sleep for eight hours, dark circles can be avoided to a good extent.

Perfectly shaped and tidy eyebrows are considered as very important for looking cute and beautiful. Eyebrows do important task of framing the face and thus, should not be neglected in daily skin care regime. For shaping eyebrows, plucking or waxing should be done. These should not be tried at home, as it can interfere with the looks.

For looking cute, it is also necessary that hairs bounce with health. Soft and shining hairs always enhance beauty. Hairs and scalp must be cleaned regularly with shampoo. Shampoo should not be applied every day, as these can make the scalp dry. After shampooing, deep conditioner should be used for making them soft. For extra softness and shine, hairs should be washed with cool water. Hairstyle chosen must go with the shape of face.

This is because trendy hairstyle may not work on all people. For having best hairstyle, a hairstylist of good repute should be consulted. It is said that only cuteness cannot make a person beautiful and attractive. It must be followed by confidence and smile. Thus, a person must be confident while talking to others. The body language should be positive. Inner beauty is revealed through smile also.

Thus, it is also necessary that smiling face is always kept. Smile also helps in easing off tensions and worries, two main reasons for skin imperfections. For looking cute, it is also necessary that body smells good. For ensuring this, a perfume can be used. There are also deodorizing soaps available in market that offer good fragrance that remains all the day.

Shape and curves of body also matters a lot for looking cute. Thus, exercises should be done regularly. Some aerobic exercises that help in reducing fat and improving curves are jogging, brisk walking and rope jumping. Swimming and bicycling are also considered as good for shaping up body. Last but not the least, healthy diet should be consumed, which contains all the essential nutrients and minerals. For ensuring this, fruits, vegetables and whole grains should invariably be included in diet.

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