How to Look Chic in Street Style

Street style is all about being comfortable and wearing clothes that make you look and feel good. It is the type of clothes that you sleep in, go to work in and can even wear to the grocery sore or the coffee shop. If you are keen on keeping up with the current street styles then you can follow these few tips.

Firstly street style depends on your profession and what you want to showcase. Keep this is mind when you are planning your outfits.

Students need to wear outfits that are comfortable and those that they can stay in all day long. This means that their outfits needs to be on the lines of jackets, sweaters, pants, jeans, leggings, T shirts, cardigans and scarves. Students must avoid wearing skinny jeans as they may not be the most comfortable option to stay in for the entire day.

If you are a working professional then street style and comfort clothing are a blessing in disguise for you. After spending the entire week in your formal outfits wearing street styles over the weekend is a welcoming break. Once again there are plenty of options to choose from and you will need to dress according to your profession as you may walk into your business partners while you are lazing around.

If you are in sales or a related profession like estates or marketing then your street style needs to be smart and elegant for you may meet a potential customer at any time. You can wear a pair of jeans or leggings and a loose top. Carry a cardigan with you incase the temperature drops at any part of the day.

You also need to consider your footwear when you are thinking of your street style. Ballet flats are the most comfortable option however if you are a sporty personality then you can get away with a pair of sports shoes. Gladiator flats are a huge teen sensation and they are comfortable with any type of outfit.

The last thing you need to pick up is the right type of bag. A big bag like a hobo gives you the comfort of being able to pack all your things and have it all in one place. You can carry a bag in a contrasting color from your outfit so that you pull off a trendy look. However if your style is more versatile then you can carry a bag in black or tan.