How to Let Your Skin Reap The Benefits of Vitamin E Oil

Ever wonder why most of your cosmetics have vitamin E in it? From soaps to creams almost all beauty products have vitamin E added in it and that too within good reason.

This vitamin is commonly known as the skin vitamin as it offers several benefits to the skin. Let’s look at the benefits and how you can make the most of his vitamin.

Vitamin E is known to fight the free radicals in the environment. It has the ability to fight sun damage, pollution and other harsh environmental conditions. For this reason it is beneficial to add products with vitamin E to your skin care regime.

If your skin has suffered from sun damage in the form of sun burns or tans then you can take vitamin E supplements as well as apply the oil directly on the skin to help the skin to heal quickly.

The vitamin is also very effective in reducing scars and marks in the surface of the skin. You can add the oil to your existing creams or lotions or simply apply it directly on the skin to reduce the scars. It is very effective in getting rid of pregnancy and weight loss related and stretch marks.

If you notice your skin getting dry or rough or cracks appearing on your heels or around your cuticles applying vitamin E oil will help to resolve these issues. Vitamin E oil is also effective as a preventive measure as well as a cure for acne. The oil can be used directly on the areas of the body that are prone to breakouts.

Consuming Vitamin E oil has its own set of benefits. Not only does it cure skin issues it also boosts the immune system thereby preventing any possibility of skin or health related issues.

If you notice early signs of aging in the form of wrinkles and fine lines on your face you can massage the oil into your skin at night. Continue this treatment every night and you will notice radiant glowing skin from the first application.

Vitamin E is also effective in curing chapped lips and dried lips. The oil can be massaged onto your lips at night or look out for a lip balm that has vitamin E oil in it.

Spinach, asparagus, carrots and nuts are good sources of vitamin E. Adding these vegetables to your regular diet will help to boost the amount of vitamin E in your body and you will reap the benefits of the vitamin.