How To Lessen Premenstrual Syndrome Problem

bleeding-during-menstr Have you ever wondered while you feel so depressed two weeks or so before the menstrual cycle starts? There could be a series of symptoms and you really feel unwell. At times you have mood swings and you don’t like to go to work.

You get agitated at the slightest provocation and at times you just are angry with the kids for nothing. After all what’s happening to you and what makes you lose your head, you wonder. And then it’s the bouts of crying that comes just out of nothing and makes you wonder what’s wrong.

The condition could be termed as PMT. It happens to most of the women but some might be getting it all the more. The heart beats faster, the allergic bout increases, you get angry, you have headaches and migraines, you have a loose tummy or you may have a cold. Whatever it is, that’s PMT or PMS – Pre Menstrual Tension or Syndrome as it may be called.

There are certain things that can be done. If the effects are severe you must see the doctor. INmost cases it remains undiagnosed. So you can start to take some Vitamin E or if the doctor feels so he can put you on mild Progesterone. Natural ways like drinking more water and cutting down on caffeine and sugar and salt helps. Having some massage can help in dealing with the pain of the joints. It really helps.

In some cases Hypnosis helps. In Hypnosis the theory of I am cured or I am well works wonders. Meditation and Reiki may help too. During the Pre Menstruation days if you suffer from sleeplessness, mood swing, depression, nervous tension, then you could as well go in for some relaxation techniques and some meditation.

Avoid cold foods. Always warm up the food before eating. Take some food at a gap of some time to avoid the formation of any acidity or gas. Dry pepper and dry ginger helps.

If you are suffering from imbalances in the body then you might feel anger, indigestion, and irritability as a premenstrual syndrome. You can massage with essential oil. The body can be kept cool by eating melons and pears. The work pace can be slowed down a bit and you may get some time to relax.