How To Know Whether You Are Carrying Twins?

help-in-preg The time a woman finds out that she is pregnant, is one of the most exciting moments of a woman’s life. And since, having twins seems all the more exciting, most women go wondering if they are carrying twins.

Women who have been on fertility drugs are even more curious to know whether they have twins inside, because twin and multiple pregnancies have been frequently related with fertility treatments.

There are several ways in which you can find out whether you’re carrying twins or not. However, most of these judgments can be made only after a few weeks of conceiving.

Some early signs

In general, the earliest signs of twin pregnancy are when you see the regular signs of pregnancy a little blown up. In twin pregnancy, your body is flushed with extra hormones which make your breasts much tenderer than in case of a regular pregnancy. Also other symptoms like morning sickness and urination may be more frequent and stronger.

Rapid weight gain during the first trimester is another sign of a probable twin pregnancy. These are some of the symptoms which may occur in case of twin pregnancy, but they do not confirm the same. And in case you want to confirm that you’re carrying twins, you will have to walk over to your health care provider.

How the health care provider may find out?

Your health care provider may measure your uterus to see if it is in line with the gestational age, because in case of twin pregnancy the uterus is usually much larger, right from the beginning. That again is not a sure shot way of determining whether you’re carrying twins.

The first confirmation about twin pregnancy can be made only when you are six weeks pregnant, where two embryos and two amniotic sacs can be seen in the ultrasound. Also at around twelve weeks, the physician can perform a Doppler test to distinguish two heartbeats. And well, these last two are the most reliable methods of determining twin or multiple pregnancies.

Sidharth Thakur