How to Know if You are Not in Love Anymore!

No matter how wonderful your relations seems to be, there’s always that dark phase where you wonder if you really like that person and the doubts and confusions that come along only makes your heart sway.

There’s always a time when you wonder if you even need to continue with the relationship as things start to get a little monotonous or it’s almost impossible to get along. But there are always certain hints that tells you if you are still in love or not.

The value of something is understood only after you lose it. Since the monotony of your relationship or other concerns mask the real feelings or impact of that person in your life, the best way to figure out is to imagine your life without that person in your life. If that is hard you can always take a little break from the relationship, go on a little vacation alone and think about your life without that person thoroughly before coming to a final conclusions.

This needs to be done since most of the times, we rarely realize how dependent we are on the other person and take things for granted. So taking a little break would make you realize the importance of that person in your life. If you feel it wont make a difference, maybe it’s about time you move on.

But before this, you need to think thoroughly about your relationship, it’s pros and cons and think clearly if you are really happy with the relationship or if your partner is happy with it. No matter how hassle free the relationship might seem, if you are not truly happy with your relationship, it’s about time you rethink about it or do something to change whatever is holding back.

Sometimes, the feeling of monotony and boredom in a relationship also gives an impression of lack of love. So, you can always try and do something that might make your relationship more interesting. In any case, it’s important to think thoroughly about your relationship before bringing it to an end. You don’t want to regret your relationship later.

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