How To Know if a Guy Likes You

Girls and boys both have different ways of showing their affection. What might seem like the obvious way of showing love or affection in girls might not apply for boys.

Yet, both girls and guys have their own signs that show that they are interested in you. Once you know this, you can easily tell if the guy you are eying on from a long time likes you back or not.

He approaches you. This is a typical sign that shows that the boy has an interest in you. If he approaches you on his own, it either means he is trying to impress you or wants to spend more time together with you. If he approaches you more often than a regular friend or an acquaintance would, it is a sure sign that the guy holds an attraction towards you.

He shows interest in your interest. This is one way of showing you that you interest him and he wants to know more about you or he is simply looking for a good topic to talk with you, a topic that interests you.

He will fidget when you are around. If he happens to be one of the shy guys, this is something that is very noticeable if he likes you. Just the way girls shy around the guy they like, guys do it too. This is quite easily noticeable if you observe his body language and how he reacts when you are around. If he happens to be nervous around you, it is a sure sign that he likes you.

His friends treat you differently. In case he has told his friends about it, you can see his friends giving him ‘The Look’ when he’s around. You can see his friends teasing him about it or nudging him towards you. They might also approach you and ask you what you think of him. These are one of the positive signs that the guy is truly interested in you and likes you as more than a friend.

He will go out of his way to help you. He will make extra time for you even though his schedule is more than tight, he will spend extra money just to buy you a good present, will be available for you any time you like and do more favors than you would expect from him.

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