How To Know Essence Of Health Energy Drinks

Health Energy Drinks

 Health Energy Drinks Do these energy drinks really a healthy choice for getting an energy boost? These drinks majorily have large doses of caffeine and excessive sugar with herbal stimulants to give an instant boost but those instant energy providers are not a healthy source.

Instead, one can easily make use of fresh fruit juices, milkshakes, and smoothies as natural and healthy form of energy boosters. These can be easily prepared fresh at home and gives one a healthier, tastier and refreshing start for the day.

Essence of Health Energy Drinks

Energy Drugs are not Dietary Supplements

These energy drinks, being marketed as dietary supplements are not FDA regulated. This sends an alarming signal on the efficacy of these drinks as these drinks do not follow any strict limits for amounts of stimulants and energy activators being used, which could be very harmful beyond certain levels. These drinks do not have any nutritional advantage that could account for its healthy role.

Energy drinks are only a combination of soft drinks with pseudo nutritional supplement that are capable of increasing calories and providing high dose of energy.

Possible Effects of using Energy Drinks

The caffeine, being used as stimulant can lead to anxiety attacks, insomnia and heart palpitations if the levels have been high in the consumed energy drink or if large amounts of energy drinks are being consumed on regular basis. Caffeine is addictive; hence, there is a high probability of developing routine habits for such drinks.

Health Energy Drinks

Moreover, caffeine as a diuretic helps to remove fluids from our body and when taken after extreme tiredness or sweating may become potentially dangerous as one could become severely dehydrated, instantly.

Energy Drinks should Never be Mixed with Alcohol

The biggest problem arises when these drinks are mixed with alcohol to heighten the enjoyment. Young people love to mix these as it makes them alert and energetic, even after consuming high dosage of alcohol.

Large amounts of both caffeine and sugar that are the key ingredients of all energy drinks are harmful to our bodies in many ways. Long term effects of using these drinks may cause weight disorders, diabetes. Even artificial sweeteners like aspartame that are used at times, leads to weight gain and even cause structural damage to our nervous system. Researchers have also analyzed that it may be the cause of infertility in subsequent generations.

Experts do not recommend us to depend on these energy drinks. Once in a while it may be fine to consume these but not with the purpose of getting the energy boost or nutritional benefits. These only increase the burden of our system with toxins and decreases internal water supply, thereby affecting our natural detoxification processes.

Real Energy Boosters

For having a real boost of energy, let us depend more on freshly made products of fruits, veggies, milk products. Have more of buttermilk, juices, milkshakes, coconut water (the most potential health energy drink), squashes, cocktails and lemonades. Do guide the youngsters to follow you by practicing what you preach.