How To Keep Your Brain In Good Shape

gutbrain While you may do so many things to keep your body in good shape and your looks always prim, if you really want to enjoy life and get the most out of it then your brain needs to be in shape as well.

Here are some things that will help in keeping your memory, your ability to concentrate and your thinking in good shape even through the old age. Old age is usually where memory and thinking related problems evolve.


You know that exercise is the best way to keep your body in shape, and well the same exercise is good for your brain’s health as well. Exercising helps in improving the blood flow to the brain. And with more oxygen and nutrients reaching the brain cells, along with the blood, the brain cells will stay healthy. For keeping your body in shape may probably need to spend a lot many hours at the gym, but to improve blood flow to the brain even simple physical  activities like walking, dancing or yoga may be able to deliver excellent results.

Feed your brain

Like the rest of your body, your brain too needs certain nutrients to keep functioning properly. To keep your brain in good health you must feast on fruits and vegetables, whole grains and on nuts and seeds. Besides containing the essential vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables also contain Phytochemicals, which are believed to support healthy brain activity. Omega-3 Fatty acids help in building the brain cell structure and in the proper functioning of the brain. Some of the best known brain foods are walnuts, salmon, COD liver oil, flaxseed seeds and all the dark colored fruits and vegetables.

Don’t let your brain rust

Just like any other machinery, if your brain isn’t put to use it begins to rust away. To prevent rusting of the brain you need to add such activities to your routine which will exercise your brain and which will make you think. For instance joining some classes to learn a new language or a new musical instrument will help to keep the brain active. Even simple things like filling up crosswords or Sudoku are excellent activities to keep your brain in good health.

Take a break

Leading a stressful life can also cause a lot of damage to your brain cells, so whenever you get a chance to de-stress make full use of it. Deep breathing and meditation are excellent ways to get rid of stress and to give your brain some rest.

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