How To Keep An Online Relationship Romantic

How To Keep An Online Relationship Romantic

How To Keep An Online Relationship Romantic Online romantic relationship uses help of internet, and this article helps a husband to keep up online romantic relationship with his wife. Instant messaging and e-mail are popular methods to keep up romance in online relationship.

Online romantic relationship works wonder with long distance relationship and would reduce boredom. Online romance is cheap and instantaneous. You can kiss your wife by seeing her in computer monitor while you do video chat with her. You can see her face and dress and take relationship to new height.

Make Romantic Images Using Photo Imaging Software

You should make romantic photos of both of you, using imaging editing software. Use your room as background image. Write text underneath photo that “Though you are miles away from me, you stay with me”. Send this photo through e-mail to her address.

Play With Your Latest Photo For Online Romance

You should take your latest photo. You cover that photo with a kerchief and should take picture again using digital camera. You should send that photo through attachment to your wife. You should show part of photo one by one by moving kerchief away from photo and should take photos of it in digital camera. You should send daily one photo   till full picture is revealed. This would help to raise the anticipation in your wife.

Video Romance For Your Wife

Create a video highlighting what you want to say to your wife. Send her video clipping using e-mail attachment. You can sing a song to her by recording your voice on free online music creator and you should send that song in mp3 format to your wife through e-mail. Use romantic lyrics and make sure that you use your own voice for recording song. For the first time in your life, do not be afraid of making mistake as this mistake would end as  fun and would help romance to  flow.

Role-Play Online Romance Tips

Keep An Online Relationship Romantic

You should ask your wife to chat with you in private chat room and you should ask your wife to take role of her favorite actress. You should act as her fan looking for date and you should start chatting with her. Make sure that chat does not turn serious .Chat should have doses of romance and humor to make conversation attractive. Turn on video chat after some time and you should make your wife dress in a different way than she normally does. You should act as if you are talking to actress and have fun. You should flirt with your eye to make session more romantic.

Scan Your Thoughts to Letter and Scan it to Make Online Relationship Romantic

You should write romantic letter or poem to your wife. Then you should scan that document, and then send that document as attachment through e-mail. That would personalize your writing and she would get strong romantic feelings in online relationship. You can write romantic letter on what dress you liked and what attitude you liked most in your wife. You can write what your plans are when you meet her again and how you like to take forward this relationship. You can take romantic quotes from favorite authors.

Wake Up and Have Chat to Help Online Romance to Flow

You should wake up early in morning and call your wife through phone and ask her to chat with you. You should ask her to come to video chat a cup of coffee. You should video chat with her, and you both should drink coffee. You should discuss with her the latest news on morning newspaper and you should discuss what her plans for the day are. Wink at her and smile at her to have a pleasant beginning to your day.

You can have breakfast and dinner together by sharing your thoughts through video chat. You can think of candle light dinner with your wife through video chat.After having dinner, you can take your lap top outside and show her moon and star filled clouds and whisper how much you miss your wife now. You can even post a romantic poem to her at that moment.

Dress differently to Spark Online Romance

Cover yourself with leaves or newspaper and have a video chat with her. Ask her to chew your newspaper so that can move out freely and ask her to remove your leaves. The fun of doing this is that she would get irritated faster and would ask you to pack off and come to her as quickly as possible.

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