How To Keep Adorably Young Even At 50

Young-At-50 Here are some worthwhile beauty tips I learnt while I read Julyne Derrick’s posts online. I am an avid reader of these articles as I love to keep myself in proper shape and use proper make up.

There are many tips which forty something and above women can use to feel good and look good too.

Play down your wrinkles by using less powder on the face. In fact, make up artists, says Julyne would not go for powdering the face at all for a forty something woman. They would rather use moisturizing make up or something subtle to make that natural sheen of the skin come out.

Too much concealer is bad too as they would let you have raccoon eyes in spite of concealing the laughter lines or the crow’s feet around your eyes.
Highlight the best part of your face. It could be your eyes or your lips. If you want to highlight your eyes you have to use good eye make up and trim your brows and keep them well groomed.

Use light foundation and never try to conceal the wrinkles much. A tinted moisturizer is good and you can use that on the parts that need somewhat to be covered up. You can always go some shade darker as lighter shades tend to highlight the wrinkles. Believe me, this is such a helpful tip. I have tried this out for myself and this really works wonders. So a good tinted moisturizer could do you a world of good.

Don’t go for blushers for the apples of your cheeks. You would end up looking like a clown. Instead a subtle touch of cream and peach blusher on the highest portions of your cheeks could play up your looks and add to the magic of making you look younger.

While you get older your lips start thinning. The best way to keep your lips supple and youthful is by using a lip balm. You can scrub your lips with some sugar everyday as sugar helps to scrub away the dead cells and bring out the new pink skin on your lips.

Use some olive oil to massage on your lips or even across-the –counter lip balms could work up the magic. Choose for yourself what suits you the best. Get confident with good skin and eyes and lips and you are out to face the world no matter what your age is. Regular walking and exercise would do the rest of the job.

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