How to increase breast milk supply

Not producing enough milk is a common problem that bothers a lot of breastfeeding mothers. And it’s certainly worth worrying, because the baby’s entire nutritional needs are dependent on the mother’s milk. When the mother’s milk isn’t sufficient to keep up with the babies nutritional requirements, you may have to opt for the formula feed which is never as healthy as the mother’s milk. Let’s take a look at some of the possible ways that can help breastfeeding mothers to increase their milk supply.

Let the baby suckle

Don’t ever stop breastfeeding your baby, even if you feel your breasts aren’t producing enough milk. The more you nurse your baby, the more your breasts are stimulated to produce milk. Let the baby suckle on your breasts, whenever he wants it. Don’t try and time your breastfeeding, let it be as and when required. Also let the baby suckle for as long as he desires. The more often you empty your breasts, the more your breasts will be forced to produce milk. Later when you feel that your breasts are empty and the baby still needs more milk, you can always feed him with formula feed.

Increase you fluid intake

In most cases, where breastfeeding mothers were not able to produce enough milk, simply increasing their fluid intake worked well in increasing the milk flow. Drink more juices, water and milk and your milk supply will defiantly increase a bit if not too much. You need to understand that when you are feeding your baby, your body is losing its fluids, and until you drink enough fluids to compensate for the lost fluids how will your body be able to produce more milk.

Massage your breasts

Giving your breasts a little massage every day also helps in increasing the production of milk. Massaging stimulates the breasts and also ensures good blood circulation in the breasts, both of which combined together can improve your blood flow to some extent.

Have fenugreek

Since old times, breastfeeding mothers have benefited immensely from taking fenugreek on a regular basis. Powdered Fenugreek is to be taken every morning with a glass of warm water or warm milk. Having just about one tea spoon of fenugreek a day can make your breasts to produce enough milk, to meet up with the demands of your baby.

Sidharth Thakur