How To Impress Someone Special

first-date When you’ve found someone who seems to be getting deeper and deeper into your heart, the most important thing that you want to do is to make a lasting impression on this person. And here’s how you can make a long lasting impression on this special someone.

•    Think about all the things that don’t seem to fit into the picture, it may be something to do with your hair or your clothing or the way you talk. Whatever it is, think of improving, changing on rearranging things so as to make everything about you, more attractive to him.

The basic objective is that if you want to impress somebody, you need to get noticed in the first place and that will happen only when you’ve worked up on your visual appearance. Even if it sounds harsh, the truth remains that your outer appearance is the first prerequisite to getting started with a new relationship.

•    When you’re trying to impress somebody, you need time to sit back with that person and talk about things. And for that you will need to make some room in your regular schedule for this special one.

Spending quality time doesn’t mean you have to rush into the expensive restaurants, because quality time is all about a one to one meetings, where the two of you get to know each other well. In case the man you’re trying to impress is your coworker, spend some time with him outside the workplace where you’re not bound by the restrictions of your workplace.

•    Today, we’re living in a world where there is a big boom of communication devices to keep you connected with other people. So make use of some way of communication to keep in constant touch, doesn’t matter whether it is on the phone, on the e-mail, through SMS or through online chatting.

However you must remember not to bombard him from all ends, or he might get scared or suffocated. Talk about things that interest the both of you, because that’s the easiest way to get somebody into talking.

These are simple things, easy to follow and yet these will ensure that you make a favorable and long lasting impression on this special person.

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Sidharth Thakur